COVID-19: Secure Work from Home Access

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Upgrade your existing Smart Password Manager and enable Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure Work from Home Access
Enable Adaptive Authentication

As the concerns due to COVID-19 pandemic continue to escalate and risk to institutional security continues to grow due to traditional authentication methods, it is really important to adapt and enable Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication in order to protect enterprise applications.

This is a special COVID-19 invitation to the institutions already using QuickLaunch Smart Password Manager to enable Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication leveraging the factor library thus complimenting security as well as user experience.

Our Adaptive Authentication engine uses machine learning to analyze a broad range of inputs such as device, location, time of login and other factors, calculating the risk score and determining the appropriate security action to be taken for each login attempt. Depending upon the level of risk, QuickLaunch’s adaptive engine detects the number of authentication factors required to login.

How we stack up against DUOTM and MicrosoftTM

* Named Users as per the contract

Features DUOTM MFA QuickLaunch Adaptive Authentication MicrosoftTM MFA
Pricing $36 / user / year $2.8 / user /year $72 / user / year
Implementation and Support Additional Included Additional
Device Recognition
Geo Location
IP Address
Self-Service Administrative Console
Challenge Response
Email Factor
SMS Factor
Google Authenticator
Mobile App
Reporting and Analytics

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