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Miami, FL – July 07, 2021


Product line enhancements and upgrades may bring current products to the end of their life cycle. Products reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons include market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology. While this is an established part of the overall product life cycle, QuickLaunch recognizes that end-of-life (EOL) milestones often prompt institutions and organizations to review the way in which such milestones impact the QuickLaunch products in their networks. With that in mind, we have set out below QuickLaunch's End of Product Lifecycle milestones to help manage the EOL transitions and to explain the role that QuickLaunch can play in helping to migrate to alternative QuickLaunch products and technology.


Once you have received an End-of-Life (EOL) notification from QuickLaunch, you can continue to purchase the product until the End of Sale (EOS) date. If you signed a support agreement prior to the EOL notification, QuickLaunch will continue to support the product through the term of your agreement or the product's End of Support date.

No support agreement with a term that goes beyond Last Day of Support (LDOS) will be signed after EOL Notification Date.

This Policy applies to EOL notifications made to all the customers on or after April 7th, 2021. It does not apply to product that is already subject to an EOL notification as of April 7th, 2021.

Important Dates and Terminology

End of Sale (EOS) 01/31/2021 The product, service or subscription is no longer for sale after this date. This is also the last date to order the product, service or subscriptions through QuickLaunch point-of-sale mechanisms. The EOS date is documented in the EOL notification.
End of Life Notification Date 07/07/2022 The date when the end of sale and the end of life milestones for a product, service or subscription is communicated to the general public.
End of Life (EOL) 11/30/2023 A process that guides the final business operations associated with the QuickLaunch product, service or subscription life cycle. The end of life process consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make a product, service or subscription obsolete. Once obsolete, the product, service or subscription is not sold, improved, maintained, or supported.
Last Date of Support (LDOS) 12/31/2023 The last date to receive applicable service and support as entitled by active service contracts for covered products. After this date, the service is no longer available.

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