The release notes cover new features, enhancements and several other bug fixes with stability improvements for delivering optimum user-experience.

QuickLaunch | 8.31

Apr 27, 2024

Quicklaunch prioritizes exceeding client expectations by delivering the most stable and seamless production releases. In this release we fulfilled several client requests, including enhancements to Smart Insight that empower data-driven security decisions, and strengthened account security, several checks from securities and privacy standpoint.

Here's a list of some of these enhancements and resolved bugs.


  • Universal Duo prompt opens in-frame instead of in a pop-up window.
  • Enhancement in User licensing reporting.
  • For reporting features with large volumes of data, such as activity logs, user licenses, and sign-in history, pagination has been implemented to improve download performance.
  • For IAM enabled REST API script, used as a source connector.

Bug Fixes

  • Sorting, date range pickers, and download performance for reports have been enhanced, offering you greater control and efficiency when managing your reports.
  • The text editor within the HR module has been fixed.
  • Detailed success and failure reports for mobile push notifications are now seamlessly integrated with your sign-in history data.
  • Mobile push as a preferred factor in passwordless login now functions precisely as per client expectations, delivering a more secure and convenient login process.

QuickLaunch | 8.30

March 30, 2024

Quicklaunch prioritizes exceeding client expectations by delivering the most stable and seamless production releases. We recently fulfilled several client requests, including enhancements to Smart Insight that empower data-driven security decisions, strengthened account security with multiple failed login attempt limits, and masked Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for increased privacy.

Here's a list of some of these enhancements and resolved bugs.


  • Display number of attempts left while Multiple failed login attempts detected before account lockout on end user login screen.
  • Added new modules in admin activity log reports.
  • Now tenant admins can customize FTU Attribute Answer field (display name & watermark hints).
  • Admin can clear duo factor of registered end users on Quicklaunch.
  • Authenticator and YubiKey factors added in Signin history.

Bug Fixes

  • Masking Personal Identity Information in reporting.
  • Some specific issues with MacOS safari browser are now fixed.
  • Applied sorting and improved reports downloads.
  • Security enhancements in passwordless policy.
  • Resolved issues related to end users are now fixed.
  • For large volumes of SMS reporting and Custom T&C reporting data, pagination has been implemented to improve download performance.
  • SSH encryption configuration changes applied on FTP connector.

QuickLaunch | 8.28 & 8.29

February 24, 2024

We're excited to announce the rollout of improved functionalities of the tenant admin activity log reports and now helpdesk admins can clear user details right from the Help Desk application.

We're also committed to fulfilling your needs. We’ve successfully delivered several client requests like Analyze the Unlock account functionality for deeper security insights and MFA’s visibility in Smart Insight empowers data-driven security decisions. List of some enhancements and bugs.


  • Track admin activity with the detailed log report what and when it changed.
  • License usage alerts at 80-85% ensure optimal resource allocation.
  • Effective login failure reports in detail.
  • Enhanced SMS reporting like what was the purpose, delivered or undelivered.
  • Enhancing MFA’s report visibility in Smart Insight.

Bug Fixes

  • When you choose Mobile Push for passwordless login as your preferred factor, you'll only see the Mobile Push option for a seamless and secure login experience.
  • The 'Invalid Token error' impacting DUO MFA login has been resolved.
  • Issue with retrieving Custom T&C reports resolved.
  • The issue where session timeout resulted in an HTTP error and redirected users to an unintended page has been resolved.
  • Filtering and enhancing geo locations tracking based on IP address.
  • Invalid phone numbers are blocked.
  • When changing themes additional created policies are working fine.
  • All browsers’ entries are captured in the top logged in devices section.

QuickLaunch | 8.27

Dec 16, 2023

A comprehensive tenant admin activity logs report is now available. We've made some improvements to the design and functionalities of the tenant admin dashboard and added an enhanced mobile push notification authenticate factor. We've also fixed several bugs, including a blank page that occurred when disabling My Account MFA and an error message that appeared when logging in with security questions.


  • Through rigorous analysis and diligent efforts, the server-side security issue has been completely resolved and fixed, making the system safe and secure from any potential threats or risks.
  • Authenticate your identity with Mobile Push! With this new enhancement, you can now use your mobile device to securely verify and confirm your login, adding an extra layer of convenience and protection to the authentication process.
  • We've introduced a logout button in the account recovery settings dropdown. Now, you can conveniently and securely log out from your account with just a click, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.
  • SMS Delivery Status is available.
  • All admin actions performed within your tenant are now documented in the comprehensive activity log report.

Bug Fixes

  • When upgrading from freemium to premium, now the status is changing according to active contract.
  • Rate Limiter - End User Error Message is now fixed on Login page.
  • Getting last login date/time from Azure AD
  • Authenticator factor is now available for Tenant admin with notification.

QuickLaunch | 8.26

Dec 2, 2023

In this release, we've enhanced security with Rate Limiter and Tenant Admin reporting. Additionally, several bug fixes have been addressed for a smoother user experience. Stay secure and explore new capabilities with QuickLaunch!

What's New

  • Tenant Admin activity logs report (reporting of SSO and Password Manager activities.
  • Rate-limiter: Complete reporting of Tenant Admin.
  • App Export: App configurations are now downloadable.
  • Mapping attributes directly from the database to the AD.
  • Banner to RAFTR Connector is now available.


  • Resending security codes over email and phone is now working.
  • SMS service providers issue is fixed for middle east countries.
  • The Attribute profile checkbox is now coming as enabled by default on IDP.

QuickLaunch | 8.25

Oct 28, 2023

This sprint introduces significant enhancements, including improved admin activity tracking, Yubikey support for passwordless authentication, and simplified SAML application configuration. Additionally, bug fixes have resolved WSO2 vulnerability and improved domain/subdomain functionality.


  • Yubikey as a Factor for Passwordless - Users can now use Yubikey as a factor for passwordless authentication.
  • SAML Application Configuration - Replace metadata file download with a URL for easier configuration.
  • Admin Console Error Messages - Application configuration on the admin console now displays appropriate error messages on fields.
  • RBAC Permissions for T&C and Attribute Retrieval - Added RBAC permission functionality to the Terms and Conditions and Attribute Retrieval pages.
  • Application MFA - Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Application is now functional in QL8.
  • First-Time User (FTU) Enhancement - Addressed various FTU scenarios for a smoother onboarding experience.
  • Enhanced admin activity tracking for improved insights.
  • Improved app export file functionality.
  • Improved Duo integration.
  • Expanded SMS reporting on the dashboard, now viewable by month.

Bug Fixes

  • Additional domain and subdomain functionality is now working as expected.
  • Users can now log in when both Yubikey and Duo are set as required factors.

QuickLaunch | 8.23 & 8.24

Sep 30, 2023

Introduces robust security features, including IP trust, MFA, and Duo Push authentication. It enhances usability with UI updates, free-trial improvements, and on-demand monitoring. The release also integrates with RAFTR for streamlined workflows, accompanied by bug fixes for a smoother experience.

What's New

  • IP Trust & Untrust Functionality with Automatic IP Expiration (configurable) and MFA Challenge
  • Integration with RAFTR Application
  • Introducing Duo Push as a Factor
  • Spring Framework Upgrade
  • Customized Message for FTU Page


  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Free-Trial Improvements for Freemium Users
  • On-Demand Transaction-Based Monitoring
  • Export Option for Application List
  • New Columns on Myapp Page
  • Visible OTP on MFA
  • The QL logo has been updated with a fresh tag across the product
  • HR Helpdesk Auto Forwarding Control

Bug Fixes

  • Smooth Scrolling on My Apps
  • License Email Notifications
  • Notification for Published/Unpublished Applications
  • Passwordless Login Issue
  • Authentication Failure on Security Questions Submission
  • Multiple Forget Password Reset Attempts Issue
  • Factor Types Scroller Removal
  • SMS Delivery Issue

QuickLaunch | 8.22

July 15, 2023

This release introduces real-time user monitoring for Back-to-School purposes, fixes authentication and account creation errors, resolves issues with saving connectors and changing passwords, and improves the functionality of the My Account page for a smoother user experience.

What's New

  • Introduced a new feature for Super Admin users to track live performance of the system during the Back-to-School period, enabling effective monitoring and ensuring optimal user experience.
  • Resolved an issue where users were experiencing authentication failure when hitting the enter button to submit security questions, ensuring a smooth login process.
  • Addressed the problem of the IAM system creating duplicate accounts 2-3 times with the same request, resulting in errors. The issue has been fixed, and the situation is now being closely monitored to prevent any recurrences.
  • Resolved the issue where users were unable to save the connector for Ferrum D2L Prod, ensuring proper integration and functionality.
  • Fixed the problem where end users were unable to change their password from the forgot password/username page when an invalid OTP (one-time password) was provided. This issue has been resolved, allowing users to successfully update their password.
  • Resolved the issue where the phone tab appeared blank in the My Account section when only the phone was required in both the SSO (Single Sign-On) and Recovery policy. The tab now displays the required information correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the My Account button was clickable and security questions were hidden upon navigating to the My Account page. The button is now properly disabled, and security questions are visible as expected.

QuickLaunch | 8.21

July 01, 2023

Our latest release introduces a bulk user delete option for tenant admins, captures invalid logins, enables auto login for custom hostnames, and adds RBAC for IAM. Additionally, we have resolved VPN MFA issues, fixed multiple account creation on the same request, resolved logout issues with password managers, improved IAM for multiple connections, and resolved XML file caching problems from FTP.

What's New

  • Bulk User Delete Option for Tenant Admin: We're introducing a powerful new feature exclusively for tenant administrators. Now, you can effortlessly delete multiple users and erase all their associated information with a single action. Managing user data has never been easier!
  • Capturing Invalid Logins: We have implemented an advanced mechanism to detect and record invalid login attempts. This proactive security measure allows us to monitor unauthorized access attempts, ensuring the safety of your accounts and data.
  • Auto Login for My Account for Custom Hostname: Good news! The auto login functionality for the "My Account" section now seamlessly works with custom hostnames. Experience hassle-free access to your account with a personalized touch.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for IAM: We are delighted to introduce Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for our Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. With RBAC, you gain more fine-grained control over user permissions, enhancing security and streamlining management within your IAM framework.


  • VPN MFA Issue Resolution: We've diligently resolved various issues related to VPN Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Enjoy a smoother and more reliable authentication process while accessing our VPN services.
  • Fix for Multiple Account Creation on Same Request: We've addressed a previous concern that allowed multiple accounts to be created from the same request. Now, you can rest assured that only one account will be created per request, eliminating confusion and duplication.
  • Resolved Logout Issue with Password Manager: Say goodbye to logout woes when using password manager applications. We have rectified the issue, ensuring a seamless logout experience for all users, regardless of their preferred password manager.
  • IAM Enhancements for Multiple Connect: We have made significant enhancements to our Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, specifically improving the functionality related to multiple connections. Enjoy a more streamlined and efficient experience when managing multiple connections within the IAM framework.
  • Resolution for XML Files Stuck in Cache from FTP: We've successfully resolved the issue where XML files received from FTP were getting stuck in the cache. You can now expect prompt processing of XML files without any caching complications.

QuickLaunch | 8.20.1

June 10, 2023

QuickLaunch 8.20.1 Patch release addresses various issues related to passwordless login, Google APIs in China, Redis cache utilization, UI compatibility with Chrome browser update, and login failures, while also improving configuration accuracy, error messaging, and session management for enhanced security and user experience.


  • Modified the Passwordless login feature to remove the mandatory requirement of email and phone factors, providing users with more flexibility in their login options.
  • Implemented a seamless transition from Redis cache to the database, improving performance and data consistency within the application.
  • Addressed the issue where Google APIs were inaccessible in China, ensuring proper functionality and compatibility with local regulations and restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue where the {Code} placeholder was missing from the forgot password "phone" template, ensuring accurate and complete information is displayed to users.
  • Addressed an intermittent issue where users were unable to log in with the wrong domain name during two-factor authentication, ensuring consistent login functionality.
  • Investigated and resolved the login issue allowing affected users to successfully log in to the application.
  • Fixed the broken user interface caused by the update to Chrome browser Version 114.0.5735.91 (Official Build) (64-bit), ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for users.

QuickLaunch | 8.20

May 27, 2023

QuickLaunch 8.20 release introduces upgraded SAML Apps configuration, enhanced license notification emails, improved security, domain customization for usernames, and insights reporting, along with various enhancements and bug fixes.

What's new

  • SAML Apps configuration has been upgraded, allowing users to manage additional attributes through the QL Admin portal for improved management capabilities.
  • The License Notification Email Template has been updated to enhance communication and ensure a seamless user experience.
  • A vulnerability has been addressed, further strengthening the security of the system.
  • Branding for tenants now supports domain customization for usernames, providing users with more personalized experiences.
  • Insights reporting has been enhanced, enabling users to gain valuable insights and analytics.


  • Resolved the session expiry time out issue, ensuring users can work without interruptions.
  • GDPR and customized terms and conditions are now available on the pre-login page, enhancing compliance and user agreement.
  • Multiple bug fixes have been implemented, addressing reported issues and improving system stability.
  • We have resolved the vulnerabilities identified during the VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) process, enhancing the system's security and mitigating potential risks

QuickLaunch | 8.19

April 29, 2023

QuickLaunch 8.19 brings new features like AD Automation, License Sync and auto refresh, MFA on My Account Login, critical notifications separation, and improved Smart Insights. It also includes enhancements like FTU Default Password Policy, Login page animation pause, and HR Helpdesk Interface improvements.

What's new

  • QuickLaunch portal now features AD Automation under Directory Configuration, allowing for streamlined Active Directory management.
  • The License Sync and auto refresh feature ensures that inactive user licenses are freed up automatically upon login.
  • Critical notifications are now separated and delivered via email (need to configure first).
  • My Account Login now supports MFA for passwordless authentication.
  • Licenses are now synced at regular intervals to ensure accurate usage tracking.


  • Smart Insights has been improved, providing a more intuitive experience for users.
  • FTU Default Password Policy has been implemented for added security.
  • Users now have the option to pause animation on the Login page for quicker page loads.
  • The HR Helpdesk Interface has been enhanced for better usability.
  • All known bugs have been addressed.

QuickLaunch | 8.18

April 01, 2023

In 8.18 QuickLaunch Release ,we enhanced the Password as a Factor along with some license issues:

What's new

  • A change in the IP address should prompt for A-MFA.
  • Password as a factor (MFA) is now available for FTU (first time users) and for Forgot Password option as well.
  • License Auto refresh (with a Date Selection setting) is now available.


  • Improves System Stability and performance.
  • Resolved Passwordless Module issues with secondary factors.
  • Smart Insights dataset improved as per the client’s requirements.
  • Improved Helpdesk Reporting for Admin.
  • Open Bug Fixes.

QuickLaunch | 8.16 & 8.17

February 25, 2023

In 8.16 & 8.17 QuickLaunch Release we introduced the Preferred factor configuration for login along with Password as a Factor.

What's new

  • Preferred factor for login via Passwordless option is now available for configuration at end user.
  • Role based Access Control (RBAC) for HR helpdesk is now enabled.
  • Password as a Factor for Passwordless is available now for all end users.
  • Display number of attempts left before account lockout on pre-login screen.
  • Passwordless Reporting.


  • Resolved Super Admin Insight Manager Loading issue.
  • License expiring notification for QL8 is now resolved.
  • Session expired after leaving the Mobile application for some time has been taken care of.
  • Password reset error message is configurable now.
  • Tenant Admin can download the user license count list.
  • Sorting for fields in Password Manager Reports.

In this sprint, we completed the requirement gathering along with UI/UX of upcoming items, such as:

  • Custom Claim Transformation configuration via Simplified UI
  • Tenant Admin UI/UX
  • End User UI/UX

QuickLaunch | 8.15

December 23, 2022

In 8.15 QuickLaunch release we introduced Security Question as a factor for Passwordless & Mobile Push as an authentication factor, along with some enhancement.

What's new

  • Security questions as a factor is now available for Passwordless
  • Passwordless Authentication types are updated with CAS, SAML & OAuth Applications
  • Mobile Push is available as a factor now for authentication
  • Now end user can search for applications on dashboard


  • Welcome note issue resolved at account configuration
  • Security Question masking configuration enable at super admin
  • Error message on pre-login screen is updated
  • Branding & UI updated for Trendy Theme
  • Solved all login API issue (Android users/CAS Portal)
  • Trust this device settings issue is fixed
  • Send OTP for password reset is now working
  • Alumni form is now working
  • Resolved all HR helpdesk module issues

QuickLaunch | 8.14

November 19th, 2022

In 8.14 QuickLaunch release we fixed few Passwordless features along with some enhancement.

What's new

  • Security question’s answers are now encrypted (masked)
  • Attribute check applied on primary or secondary (email & phone )
  • Revamped homepage & industry pages for QL website
  • Now user will get confirmation message while switching to Passwordless theme
  • While switching themes (from default to trendy theme) policy will be auto enabled


  • User licenses count is now showing intermittent
  • Now user will receive email for forget username in Passwordless to recover username
  • Post processor script is now working as per the requirement for few client

QuickLaunch | 8.13

November 05th, 2022

In 8.13 QuickLaunch releases Passwordless feature (with new theme & Passwordless Policy) along with some enhancement in Helpdesk & Password Manager.

What's new

  • MFA on My Account Page & Password Manager Login URL
  • HR/Helpdesk module Enhancement Phase2
  • Passwordless Login: First time User will be able to login to the QL application seamlessly without the need to traditionally set password for future logins
  • Passwordless Login: Existing User can also login to QL application seamlessly without the need to traditionally authenticate themselves by entering the password manually
  • Tenant Admin can also define Passwordless Policy
  • Passwordless Flow Enhancement
  • Passwordless theme (Trendy theme) Launched


  • Moodle: Configure Moodle connection
  • Automation IAM : Mysql to AD Basic Flow
  • IAM - Alumni Form updated
  • Now user can login with the usernames having long character length

QuickLaunch | Hardening

October 15th, 2022

With this release QuickLaunch addressed several securities related enhancements and bugs fixes.

What's new

  • Introduced Redis cache for relevant APIs.
  • Implemented Key generation logic for both server and clients.
  • Rate limit implemented on all open API'S
  • Made network calls async on relevant APIs
  • External network calls (Unirest, RestTemplate, Http) configured with timeout
  • Mandatory factors identifier (Red Asterix) enhanced


  • Change Password and My Device redirection is not working.
  • Now user will be able to Update the Post Processer Scripts on QL8
  • User License count was not showing correct on insights report is now Fixed
  • No Security groups showing up on Admin Console

QuickLaunch | 8.12.1

September 16th, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.12.1 fixes an anomaly with the tenant registration process.


  • Getting "Domain already exists" while creating new tenants.
  • Country code getting appended automatically when inviting Admin using RBAC.

QuickLaunch | 8.12

Aug 1st, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.12 introduces several enhancements and improvements for optimizing the end user and admin experience.

What's new

  • Pre Prod Password Manager Issues.
  • Zoomed Logo is not displaying on End user in Branding.
  • End user: My Account page Issues.
  • Passwordless End User Issues.
  • Passwordless Admin Issues.
  • Choose Theme color functionality should only be visible in Trendy theme on Branding Page.
  • Getting SAML 2.0 error
  • AMFA not triggered on Apple devices - 3 clients have raised the issue and it's been replicated by the PM and Dev team.


  • Passwordless: UI Enhancement.
  • IAM: Custom Unique Not working.
  • AMFA on Password Manager login URL.

QuickLaunch | 8.11

June 24th, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.11 introduces several enhancements and improvements for optimizing the end user and admin experience.

What's new

  • Ability to recover ID (Attribute Retrieval).
  • Ability to retrieve Password Reset logs in Banner DB.


  • Report for purged AD users now available.
  • AMFA is now working on CAS.
  • SNS rate limit has now been implemented.
  • Password option can now be revealed on login page.

QuickLaunch | 8.10

May 27th, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.10 introduces several enhancements and optimizations to Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication and IAM in order to deliver optimum experience for the end user and admin.

What's new

  • Creation of new connector for AtlasAPI.
  • Passwordless Login: FTU | Phase-1.
  • Passwordless policy's integration (End user side).


  • Microsoft MFA fixes.
  • Tenant Specific: Forgot Password not Working.
  • Auto Expiration of Trusted Devices not working.
  • Pre-Login Page - Custom Design.
  • Moodle Connector Creation | Getting DB error.
  • Un-trust all devices not working.

QuickLaunch | 8.9

April 29th, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.9 introduces several enhancements in Password Manager, Theme and IAM along-with other improvements to delivering consistent experience for end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Addition of a back or a home button on the forgot password, username and FTU workflow
  • Microsoft MFA Support
  • LTC Alumni Form: Popup Message should have cross for close
  • O365 IAM: Auto Reply and Forward Email updated Dynamically
  • End user Unlock option
  • oauth2 implementation for D2L
  • Passwordless Policy | Admin
  • Passwordless Login | Existing User
  • Development of New Theme (End user side)
  • Development of New Theme (Admin side)


  • YubyiKey SSO - QL
  • Create User: User registration link is not working and giving 500:server error

QuickLaunch | 8.8

March 25th, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.8 introduces several enhancements to IAM and Passwordless.

What's new

  • Moodle : User Enrollment & Un-Enrollment on the basis of isActive status
  • R&D on IDP custom user store manager
  • User stories & mocks for Passwordless
  • HTML for New Theme (End user side)
  • HTML for New Theme (Admin side)
  • HTML for Passwordless Policy | Admin

QuickLaunch | 8.7

February 25th, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.7 introduces several enhancements to MSSP, IAM and Password Manager along-with other improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • MSSP | Channel partner and Channel partner customer registration page content
  • MSSP | Invite Mail content for Channel Partner and Channel Partner Tenant registration
  • MSSP | Impersonate tenant list of logged in Channel Partner
  • Multiple values in Collueague field in workday Response
  • CANVAS : Get student grades via UI
  • Scheduler for IDP Store Produce (IDP_TOKEN_CLEANUP_SP)
  • Placing 'Skip' as an option in Forgot Username


  • IAM | Deprovisioning Reports for AD
  • IAM Reporting Issue

QuickLaunch | 8.6

January 31st, 2022

QuickLaunch 8.6 introduces several enhancements in Password Manager, IAM and MSSP along-with other improvements to delivering consistent experience for end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Consumption % to be indicated for licenses
  • License notification email enhancement
  • MSSP | Linking tenants/customers to channel partners
  • MSSP | Creation of a channel partner
  • Token based authentication for open API
  • Vulnerability fixes


  • Membership XML file processing error
  • IAM | Job Stoppages
  • IAM | Deprovisioning Reports
  • Log4j - Vulnerability [CVE-2021-44228]
  • User Not getting moved to Disabled OU- QL5
  • Reusing AD attribute that is being updated by IAM not working in QL5 for New Connections
  • IAM | Moodle Custom Value not getting updated
  • Password reset emails for admins going to Login ID instead of email address
  • Password manager: Navigation to Clear user detail and switching to All user, page is displaying error and functionality is not working
  • Global Logout Issue
  • QR code not populating

QuickLaunch | 8.5

November 19th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.5 introduces several enhancements and improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Data Migrations need to be handled
  • GDPR Admin | Design
  • Admin | API Key Leaked in Source Code
  • Mobile | Sensitive Information Disclosed in Response Body


  • Bristol Lockout issue
  • Password Policy - InActive
  • Trust Device not working on Federated AMFA
  • Active Directory: Multiple entries of user stores are appearing on IDP, after updating the same active directory from the admin site
  • Clear User Details Issue | All Schools

QuickLaunch | 8.4

September 30th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.4 introduces several enhancements to Licensing and Helpdesk along-with other improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • License expired notification enhancement
  • Clear User Details | Confirmation prompt to avoid accidental clearance
  • Clear User Details view default landing now updated to Single User
  • Ability for Admins to add custom verbiage for Primary/Secondary Email & Phone fields


  • Unable to un-assign end-user licenses for few customers
  • License Manager: Licenses were not getting consumed with new user login

QuickLaunch | 8.3

July 8th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.3 introduces several enhancements to Insights, Licensing, MFA's and Helpdesk along-with other improvements in order to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Smart Insights - Introduction of SDK
  • Smart Insights - Zoom level on Map is maintained on basis of the density of online users
  • Smart Insights - Mobile App and Mobile browser users data is now differentiated for Logged in devices and Sign in history
  • Reason for MFA is now specified in Sign-in History and Suspicious activity notification email
  • Dedicated permissions introduced for Single and Multiple Clear User Details
  • Ability to un-license users in bulk
  • Ability to capture customer feedback post going live
  • Ability to create custom T&C and monitor for acceptance as part of GDPR compliance
  • Default Branding now includes reference to QuickLaunch Mobile Apps
  • Unifyed Mobile Push: Ability to disable Mobile push
  • Last modified date added for Profile under Account Configuration detail
  • Ability to refresh User Insights data in Helpdesk
  • License quota now additionally appears on the License detail page


  • In-product Release announcements: Read and unread notifications differentiated
  • Removed character limit restriction in background video files
  • SSO policy page hangs if large number of groups are present for "Select User Group"

QuickLaunch | 8.2

April 30th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.2 introduces several enhancements to Insights, Licensing and Accessibility along-with other improvements in order to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Accessibility enhancements for End-user
  • My Billing: DIY Ability to retrieve invoice against a SOW from Stripe
  • OAuth support for Apps listing and launch
  • Insights: Map markers will now provide greater user-level detail
  • Login failure report will now include IP addresses


  • Enduser and Admin UI anomalies
  • Branding: Header was not available in all Pre-login flows
  • Insights: User search in Sign in History report should be case-insensitive
  • An Admin user with MFA enabled was unable to login with a complex password

QuickLaunch | Release 8.1

March 26th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.1 introduces several enhancements to Insights, Password Manager and Licensing along-with other improvements to delivering consistent experience for end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Password Manager Insights are now consolidated
  • System error pages will now be branded
  • In-product Release announcements for Administrators
  • Server side pagination with ability to sort and display Licensing data
  • Availability of Debit cards as a DIY payment method
  • Availability of My Billing view for customers to self-manage Contracts and Invoices
  • Accessibility: Enhancements for First-Time user, Forgot Password and Forgot Username flows
  • All system emails including Licensing related emails will now go to all Administrator users
  • Insights: Active users details are now available in graphical format
  • Error messages are now displayed if a user attempts to sign in without attempting reCAPTCHA
  • All system emails will now be triggered only to the Notification email addresses of Admin users
  • Unifyed Mobile Push: Ability to resend push notification


  • Unifyed Mobile Push reporting anomaly
  • End User UI anomalies
  • Limitation of downloading 10K+ user records in Licensing is now removed
  • Validation is now applied to protect for capturing invalid number of licensed users during Upgrade
  • Branding was not being applied normally on prompt for Credential Replay app types
  • Admins and end users were unable to un-trust devices under a certain scenario
  • Password Policy: Number of historical passwords will now be respected
  • Admin Forgot password: OTP code is not expired after 15 minutes
  • Inviting new Admins was always appending 1 to their Login ID

QuickLaunch | Release 8.0.4

March 19th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.0.4 fixes an anomaly with the tenant registration process.


  • Website visitor was unable to register a new account through DIY means

QuickLaunch | Release 8.0.3

February 23rd, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.0.3 introduces several enhancements and optimizations to Password Manager, Roles and Permissions and Branding in order to deliver optimum experience for the end user and admin.

What's new

  • Ability to use both samaccountname and UPN for login
  • Ability to upload background videos for pre-login views via Branding
  • An Administrator should be able to view the list of all available Admin users under all Role types
  • Ability for the end user to continue signing in when password is about to expire notification prompts
  • Admin will not be able the edit an invited admin's notification email ID but the role
  • Ability for the user to show/hide of masking of password for all password fields
  • Last profile updated timestamp on Helpdesk now updates only on event of profile updates
  • Customer registration page now has improved field validation
  • Minimum password age restriction for Change Password should not be applicable from Helpdesk
  • Availability of new Permissions for Roles - Password Policies and Permissions Chart


  • Insights now shows the right number of used licenses when usage is above 10k
  • Admin should not be able to turn MFA on for FTU when Email and Phone are retrieved from DB
  • Fields should update according to the Directory type selected under Directory Configuration
  • Admin was unable to configure Helpdesk with multiple AD's
  • reCAPTCHA should persist after page refresh and as applicable

QuickLaunch | Release 8.0.1

January 12th, 2021

QuickLaunch 8.0.1 introduces certain fixes and optimizations for Password Manager and Unifyed Mobile Push MFA.

What's new

  • Unifyed Mobile Push message optimization for end-user


  • Redirection anomaly

QuickLaunch | Release 8.0

December 4th, 2020

QuickLaunch 8.0 introduces several new features, enhancements and optimizations to QuickLaunch Platform, Password Manager, Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication, License Management and DIY Upgrade workflows.

Key Features

  • DIY Permissions for Role-based Access Control
  • Ability to invite third-party email as an Administrator
  • Support for reCAPTCHA to prevent bot attempts to Login
  • Ability to use Google Authenticator as MFA for Admin
  • Password Policy generator for End User
  • Visibility to Licenses quota and usage for DIY License Management
  • Mobile Responsiveness for End User portal (applies to non-customised themes)
  • Accessibility enhancements for End User portal (applies to non-customised themes)
  • Ability to setup Credential Replay Apps
  • NetIQ eDirectory support for Password Manager User Notifications
  • Ability to blocklist certain passwords for use
  • Ability for an Administrator to retrieve Contract/SOW on-demand
  • Ability to DIY upgrade Plan and purchase Add-ons via Stripe Payment Gateway integration
  • Automated notifications to Administrators on reaching 85% of their License quota
  • QuickLaunch Mobile: Support for auto-read of OTP for Text-based authentication
  • 150+ feature improvements to deliver optimum experience for the End User and Admin

QuickLaunch | Release

September 30th, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces certain improvements from a Security standpoint.

What's new

  • Session anomaly for end-user when using custom hostnames

QuickLaunch | Release

September 11th, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces certain improvements to session management for end-user.

What's new

  • Idle Session inactivity prompt revamp

QuickLaunch | Release

September 3rd, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces certain improvements to Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication to deliver optimum experience for the end-user.

What's new

  • Suspicion alert email notification to end-user is now configurable and can be disabled


  • Whitespace character in username as suffix or prefix was causing MFA to be bypassed

QuickLaunch | Release

August 19th, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces several enhancements and improvements to Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Ability for a Tenant admin to Untrust all Devices from Manage Devices
  • Password Manager infra-level optimization for performance


  • Device force Untrust was not working when IP couldn't be captured

QuickLaunch | Release

August 11th, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces several enhancements and improvements to Password Manager and Insights to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Insights: Password reset sources data now show in absolute terms
  • Ability to Enable or Disable My Devices for End users
  • MFA Prompt: For Text Message the Accessibility hotkey needs to be T
  • Default logo on Password Manager pages should be controlled from Branding
  • Insights: Accounts Configured detail view should be available for access


  • Duplicate emails being shown in Helpdesk while triggering Reset emails
  • Admin user unable to reset their Password through Forgot Password
  • Users may not be able to login if MFA data is not fully submitted
  • Directory Group Sync scheduler is not working

QuickLaunch | Release

July 25th, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces several enhancements and optimizations to Password Manager and infrastructure to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.


  • MFA IP Whitelisting functional anomaly
  • Pre-Login page intermittent slowness
  • Replication of SP to IDP fails intermittently | Logout URL special char support
  • Tenant data corruption on creating with multiple permissible groups
  • ECP endpoints support
  • Change Password operation should update password for all AD's and not just Cloud AD
  • Post processor doesn't enable/toggle is locked

QuickLaunch | Release 7.9.4

July 2nd, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.9.4 introduces several enhancements and optimizations to Password Manager to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What’s new

  • Helpdesk: Password reset email is now configurable


  • Pre-login: Manual closure of MFA prompt will disable the password field
  • Roles under App Configuration are not appearing seamlessly
  • Users receiving duplicate emails upon successfully resetting the password via Helpdesk
  • Intermittent 403 on post-login for certain users
  • Alignment for Provisioning window rectified

QuickLaunch | Release 7.9.3

June 12th, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.9.3 introduces several enhancements and improvements to Password Manager and Multi-admin support to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What’s new

  • Improved application of Branding to Password Manager pre-login page
  • Change Password page for End user will display UPN and samaccountname as applicable
  • MFA prompts now have more prominent call-to-actions
  • Pre-login page optimized for AnyConnect mini browser


  • Newly invited Admins should be able to save their profile during registration
  • Browser should save user's credentials normally in case of both UPN and samaccountname
  • Helpdesk: Empty record for a user shouldn't appear when configured attribute value is empty in AD

QuickLaunch | Release 7.9.2

May 27th, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.9.2 introduces several enhancements and improvements to Helpdesk and Credential Replay app to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What’s new

  • Organization name is captured separately during client Registration for App compatibility
  • Helpdesk: Password Reset page for End-user respects Branding
  • SMS template updated to enable compatibility with Android keyboard for auto-reading of SMS
  • App URL to serve over HTTPS
  • Support for clearing credentials for Credential Replay app
  • Bind account should handle single slash after username


  • Unable to populate groups under Password Manager with LDAP as a directory
  • Preloader distorted on App launch
  • Insights: Invalid username or password counter is not updating under certain scenario
  • First Time User: Back button for FTU has a fixed white overlay

QuickLaunch | Release 7.9.1

May 6th, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.9.1 introduces several bug-fixes and improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.


  • Password Manager post login behaving erratic with UPN and Autologin enabled
  • Helpdesk "Trigger email" and "Trigger SMS" data should populate based of configuration
  • Valid username not showing on Dashboard in case of UPN

QuickLaunch | Release 7.9

April 24th, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.9 successfully completes external VAPT tests, introduces RBAC to enable multi-admin support for controlled access and Unifyed Push as a second factor for Authentication along-with several bug-fixes towards stability and robustness.

What's new

  • Role-based Access Control to provide for multi-admin support and controlled access
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) completion
  • Unifyed Push as Factor for Authentication
  • Ability to integrate multiple scripts to pre-login
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) readiness for Default theme and Post login views
  • Improved caching strategy from HazelCast to Redis
  • Helpdesk: Ability to unlock user for answering Security Questions
  • Helpdesk: Ability to reset form data post user search
  • Helpdesk: Enabled UPN for user search
  • Helpdesk: Security Questions/Answers are now hidden from User Insights for Security purposes
  • Directory: Connection name should now restrict whitespace and certain special characters
  • Branding: Allowed for multi-level domain names to auto append to domain during login
  • Optimized for intermittent slowness in login due to AD internal referrals


  • Onboarding: Certain steps weren't reflecting checkmarks on completion
  • Password Manager Insights: Accounts configured graph was distorted
  • Removed disabled state of Sign in button for End-user in all themes
  • Account Recovery: Enter key doesn't work during Security code verification

QuickLaunch | Release 7.8

February 28th, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.8 introduces ability for an institute to use userPrincipleName as username for end-user login, enhancements to Forgot password flow for admin and several bug-fixes towards stability and robustness.

What's new

  • Unifyed Push API | Phase 1
  • userPrincipleName (UPN) should be allowed as username for end-user login
  • Forgot password for admin flow enhancement
  • Chrome 80 SameSite settings compatibility
  • VAPT Readiness | Phase 2
  • End-user VPAT Readiness | Phase 2
  • Ability to configure custom host name for end-user login


  • Admin - Branding: Advanced CSS is not working on Password Manager
  • SAML metadata needs rectification
  • Admin: \ is not saved in IDP Userstore from Password Manager Directory configuration
  • End User - Password manager: Logo URL in Branding to be applied on all pages
  • End User - Google Authenticator: Hitting backspace should lead to previous box

QuickLaunch | Release 7.7

January 31st, 2020

QuickLaunch 7.7 introduces several design enhancements for end-user views and better compatibility with WCAG 2.0 standards for greater accessibility to deliver optimum experience for its users.

What's new

  • VAPT Readiness | Phase 1
  • End User: My devices and Change Password revamp
  • End User: Account Recovery - Consistent user menu
  • End User VPAT Readiness | Phase 1
  • End User: YubiKey registration design revamp
  • Insights: User details to now show local time
  • Google Authenticator option is now available for Clear User Details for Admin
  • Error messages are now consistent from a messaging and design standpoint across End-user views


  • Helpdesk: Clear button is disabled for "All" option under Clear Security Questions
  • End User: MFA configuration - Disabled factor should not be displayed to end users
  • Insights: Unique user login failures entry is not coming for normal login
  • End User: "Back to Account Security" redirection is not working according to policy
  • End User: Google Authenticator app should show school name
  • Admin: Post login - Preview screen is black
  • End User Branding to be applied to session timeout warning pop-up
  • Emails from Helpdesk are not being triggered or being triggered intermittently
  • End User: Account recovery setting text customization not working
  • End User MFA: End User login not working if Security questions are configured from AD
  • End User MFA: Required fields should not have Back button

QuickLaunch | Release 7.6

December 20th, 2019

QuickLaunch 7.6 introduces several improvements towards end-user views and performance while enabling Google Authenticator as a 2nd Factor of Authentication for End-users.

What's new

  • Google Authenticator as MFA
  • Post Login Branding revamp
  • Identity provider application (WSO2) upgraded to 5.8
  • End-User Account Recovery pages revamp
  • Ability to optionally disable password screen for First Time User
  • Ability to provide custom Login page URL via Branding
  • Added an ID attribute to the button tag on Login page for reference


  • Security Question error message verbiage needs to be more generic
  • Prompting on event that we don't allow apostrophe under platform configuration template
  • Unable to update "Forgot Password Recovery Email Notification Template" for long data
  • Institute Logo not shown during Password reset
  • User should be redirected to recovery setting page on clicking pre-login notification link
  • Removed "redirect.to=" placeholder from App configuration redirect URL setting
  • Replicated updates to Helpdesk in Helpdesk SSO app
  • SKU Upgrade: Inventory list needs to be alternatively colored
  • SKU Upgrade: Inventory item names are truncated for longer names
  • SKU Upgrade: If an Inventory is not associated with any Plan, it should not be displayed
  • Google Authenticator: A confirmation prompt when de-registering Authenticator
  • Insights: Disabled accounts detailed page's table content is misaligned with its headers
  • AWS Verification: Unable to change FROM email with a previously configured email
  • Secondary Phone and Email does not prompt for OTP verification for End-user
  • Show on event that we don't allow apostrophe under platform configuration template
  • Successive password change attempts for admin become unsuccessful
  • Background image is not displayed to the End-user if there is a space in the filename of the uploaded image

QuickLaunch | Release 7.5

November 19th, 2019

QuickLaunch 7.5 introduces several new features including Multi-admin support and suspicious activity emails to end-users along-with enhancements to Helpdesk and Insights for delivering optimum user-experience.

What's new

  • Configurable sender's email (verified by Amazon) for all emails sent to end-users
  • Ability to invite multiple admins with equal permissions
  • Helpdesk: Functionality to unblock and re-enable end-user
  • Suspicious activity emails to end-user
  • Replicate updates to Helpdesk in Helpdesk SSO app
  • Helpdesk: Ability to pick Email/Phone type on event to trigger password reset
  • Password Manager Insights revamp
  • License Manager: Lock admin to Upgrade page post contract expiry
  • Older contract references now appear in MLSA
  • App configuration guides are now available at my.unifyed.com


  • Removed a conflict with new License Manager
  • AD details are shown as blank fields when trying to edit an already saved AD connection
  • Branding is not applied to Password Manager
  • Background video not showing up on Password Manager pages
  • Email not being triggered in Forgot password flow
  • Locked Account button on Adoption and Account status widget in Insights leads to a blank page
  • Disabled Account button on Adoption and Account status widget in Insights leads to blank page
  • AWS Verification: Flickering is observed while interacting with the feature

QuickLaunch | Release 7.4

September 27th, 2019

QuickLaunch 7.4 introduces several enhancements across Insights, Branding and DIY license management with numerous performance related bug-fixes for delivering optimum user-experience.

What's new

  • Introduction of Most used MFA's and Password Reset Sources reports on Insights
  • Notify end-user of an email already in use during update
  • Branding themes are now adaptive/responsive
  • Notification for successful password reset to end-user from HelpDesk
  • Duplicate answers should be dis-allowed for every question (configurable)
  • Contract management (DIY)
  • Ability to embed background video via Branding pre-login and serve from AWS S3
  • Ability for admin to reset his password from pre-login area
  • Implementation of support for TLS 1.2 and backwards


  • Top 5 accessed apps are showing more than 5 apps
  • Send e-mail is not functional for FTU with MFA enabled
  • MP4 file type is not working as an embedded background video for pre-login page
  • Insights widget data change should only refresh the widget rather then whole page
  • Unable to update secondary phone from directory option under Phone settings
  • Unique user login failures widget's last 15 days tab in not updated with current day data

QuickLaunch | Release 7.3

August 23rd, 2019

QuickLaunch 7.3 introduces several new features including License management automation, revamped end-user MFA flow, ability to configure 2-factor for Apps, new and more powerful Smart Insights, WCAG/Section 508 compatibility for end-user along-side numerous bug-fixes for delivering optimum user-experience.

What's new

  • License Manager for Admin
  • Two-factor authentication for Apps
  • End-user design face-lift for MFA
  • Branding integration with MFA for end-user
  • Insights design revamp
  • Ability to download financial summary of a Contract
  • Ability to pick Plan, Addons and Services, review Order Summary and submit request
  • WCAG 2.1 (A and AA) and Section 508 compatibility (VPAT) for End-user views
  • New home for product at quicklaunch.io

QuickLaunch | Release 7.2

June 14th, 2019

QuickLaunch 7, built to simplify and designed for speed, aims at re-defining and re-imagining QuickLaunch as an Identity and Security solution provider (IDaaS) for the modern-day enterprise that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization and access control.

What's new

  • Client registration automation
  • Getting Started and DIY Onboarding
  • Revamped App Store
  • Directory integration enhancements
  • Amazon SES and SNS integration for emails and SMS delivery
  • Overall design and UI facelift
  • Ability to download public certificate in App Store
  • End-user view with a new Branding theme
  • Identity provider upgrade
  • Pricing Manager for client license data and contract management
  • User-friendly URL for end-user portal

QuickLaunch | Release 6.0

February 12th, 2019

QuickLaunch 6 aims at re-defining and re-imagining QuickLaunch as an Identity and Security solution provider (IDaaS) for the modern-day enterprise that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization and access control.

What's new

  • Revamped Getting Started page for enhanced look and feel
  • Revamped Pre-login admin page for enhanced look and feel
  • App store redesign for enhanced user-experience
  • Enhanced app logos for the new App store
  • Ability to download Service Provider metadata
  • Revamped design for QL Administration's navigation
  • Yubico's Yubikey integration as additional MFA for strong two-factor authentication (POC)
  • Revamped and simplified App edit configuration for SAML apps
  • Automated tenant creation for IDP/PWMS and ULM
  • AWS Infrastructure upgrade and optimization
  • Email services powered by Amazon SES (POC)

QuickLaunch | Release 5.26.4

October 16th, 2020

QuickLaunch 5 maintenance release introduces several improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Support for OpenLDAP for Password Manager notifications
  • Support for users in China with access to their School portal hosted with QuickLaunch
  • Support for using an asterisk in password for login purposes by end users
  • App MFA optimizations


  • A user could login to Password Manager using an asterisk in username
  • Session anomaly for an end-user when using custom hostnames
  • Admin profile data inconsistency while updating tenant from Profile page

QuickLaunch | Release 5.26.3

June 26th, 2020

QuickLaunch 5 maintenance release introduces several improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Support for larger phone numbers for Account recovery to support international end-users


  • Forgot Password behaving erratically with 1password Chrome extension
  • Group based AMFA policy (Open LDAP) is not working

QuickLaunch | Release 5.26.2

May 15th, 2020

QuickLaunch 5 maintenance release introduces several improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.


  • Hitting Enter key during relevant Factors verification triggers new OTP
  • CAS logout is unable to process URLs that are passed as parameters
  • OTP's not being masked on Firefox and IE browsers
  • Unable to populate groups under Password Manager with LDAP as a directory
  • HelpDesk: User being redirected to CPS Login URL instead of the portal post password reset
  • HelpDesk: Unable to view staff user's profile in Helpdesk app

QuickLaunch | Release 5.26.1

May 2nd, 2020

QuickLaunch 5 maintenance release introduces enhancement to App MFA and several improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Federated App MFA


  • Slowness in login due to AD internal referrals
  • Open relay was not working
  • 1Password Chrome extension leading to multiple OTPs on Phone

QuickLaunch | Release 5.26

March 26th, 2020

QuickLaunch 5 maintenance release introduces several bug-fixes and improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end-user and admin.

What's new

  • Ability to reset form data on Helpdesk admin and SSO app
  • Blocked domains error for end-user needed to be more descriptive
  • Support for Google Chrome 80 and SameSite settings


  • Accounts configured report throwing null exception error intermittently
  • Design distorted for Recovery Options on slow network
  • Disable Password prompt for PWMS not working
  • Logout on Firefox works intermittently

QuickLaunch | Release 5.25

December 12th, 2019

QuickLaunch 5.25 introduces enhancements to 2FA for Apps along-with the ability to optionally disable password screen for First Time User and several bug-fixes.

What's new

  • Optionally disable password screen for First Time User
  • Ability to provide custom Login page URL via Branding
  • Invoke 2FA for federated Apps via 3PP link
  • United Arab Emirates to be added to the preference list of True SMS for end-user


  • Added an ID attribute to the button tag on the login page for referencing purposes
  • Global logout not happening
  • Security Question error message verbiage needs to be more generic
  • Prompting on event that we don't allow apostrophe under platform configuration template
  • Unable to update "Forgot Password Recovery Email Notification Template" for long data

QuickLaunch | Release 5.24

October 12th, 2019

QuickLaunch 5.24 introduces several enhancements to Insights, Password Manager and Helpdesk towards enhancing user-experience.

What's new

  • Ability to select a 7-day timeline for Sign in History data on Insights
  • Last 4 digits to be masked for Phone number in Password manager
  • Helpdesk: Functionality to unblock and re-enable end-user
  • Helpdesk: Ability to pick Email/Phone type on event to trigger password reset
  • Helpdesk enhancements to be available in Helpdesk SSO app
  • Alternate row grey color from MFA prompt is removed
  • Ability to select and customize "Security Question" and "Email Recovery" text in Platform


  • [DEV-1425] - Unable to use keyboard by the end-user to navigate through list of MFA options

QuickLaunch | Release 5.23

August 11th, 2019

QuickLaunch 5.23 introduces 2-Factor authentication for Apps enabling institutes with the ability to secure access to individual Apps, along-with several enhancements towards enhancing user-experience.

What's new

  • Notify end-user of an email already in use during update | #ProductImprovement
  • Two-factor authentication for Apps | #RevenueGeneration
  • Notification for successful password reset from Help Desk App | #ProductImprovement


  • [DEV-1265] - Sign in button appears as not clickable | #Support

QuickLaunch | Release 5.22

July 19th, 2019

QuickLaunch 5.22 enables you to gain control over device recognition mechanism to invoke 2-factor authentication for end-users along-with the ability for Helpdesk to trigger direct password reset links to end-users via Email or SMS.

What's new

  • Configurable device recognition criteria for MFA | #ProductAutomation
  • Ability to send direct links via Helpdesk to end-user for password reset | #ProductAutomation
  • Disable change of recovery email/phone option on MFA prompt until timer expires | #ProductImprovements


  • Deleted question still appear in Questions list for end-user | #ProductImprovements
  • Getting null pointer exception error on clicking Forgot password link on login page | #Support
  • Group syncing not working in Password Manager for OpenLDAP clients | #ProductImprovements
  • Correction in verbiage for password reset functionality | #ProductImprovements

QuickLaunch | Release 5.21

April 24th, 2019

QuickLaunch introduces the much-awaited Sign-in history widget at the Insights page for better visibility of user logins alongside the ability to configure fail-over directory to enable greater up-time with better through-put and response times.

What's new

  • Exportable Sign in history of users on Insights
  • Support for fail-over active directory integration
  • Optionally disallow duplicate answers for every security question
  • Forgot Username" fields are now editable


  • Alignment issue for Adoption Percentage metric under Password Manager report
  • Typo in a Security Question

QuickLaunch | Release 5.20

April 5th, 2019

Besides numerous improvements introduced to MFA and Trusted devices for greater user-experience; with this milestone release, QuickLaunch launches Yubico's YubiKey as its new Multi-factor authentication factor type.

What's new

  • Ability to block multiple domains from being used as recovery email for end-users
  • Ability for end-user to navigate back to the list of MFA's in case an incorrect MFA was selected
  • OTP time-out message now appears together with Resend verification link for better UX
  • Display timestamp in user's local time-zone for trusted devices
  • Integration with YubiKey (by Yubico) as additional MFA
  • Administrative removal of trusted devices for end-users
  • Show/hide answers for Security questions while setting up profile


  • Image/font/icon is not loading correctly in Password Manager
  • Password field on login form getting disabled in IE

QuickLaunch | Release 5.19

February 22nd, 2019

QuickLaunch 5.19 prioritizes performance and product stability for optimum experience of its users while introducing certain much-awaited enhancements to the Trusted devices functionality.

What's new

  • Auto-expiry configuration for trusted devices
  • Introduced a timestamp column for Trusted devices
  • Countdown to 60 seconds for re-sending One-time password on MFA login prompt


  • Can't update cell numbers in the Account Recovery settings | 574040
  • Enable scroll for password policy text at 'Forgot Password' and 'Forgot User' page

QuickLaunch Mobile | Release 2.0

February 25th, 2021

QuickLaunch Mobile 2.0 (iOS) introduces several enhancements and improvements to deliver optimum experience for the end user.

What's new

  • Support for multi-device access and visibility to Login activity with their Geolocation
  • Ability to logout other signed-in iOS devices remotely
  • Password Policy visibility in all Change/Set Password situations
  • Branding now controls visibility of First Time User, Forgot Username and Password options
  • License Manager integration with QuickLaunch Mobile
  • Pull down gesture to refresh Apps and Notifications
  • Support for Notification Badges on Homescreen
  • Support for unread Notifications
  • Support for lazy loading in Notifications
  • Navigation now greets the user
  • Overlay for App background until Biometric is verified
  • Settings and Notifications screen redesign
  • Numbered list for better indication in case of multiple Security Questions
  • App will now prompt whenever App upgrade is available
  • App will now auto-logout the user if the device moves beyond 500KM from last location
  • Biometric verification is required when changing password
  • In-app browser enhancements for re-direction and scrollable navigation


  • User was able to login with one incorrect answer in case of multiple Security Questions
  • Biometric and My Apps state now persists post logout in the event of re-login by the same user
  • Consistency in error and warning messages

QuickLaunch Mobile | Release 1.4.5

October 16th, 2020

QuickLaunch Mobile introduces support for iOS 14 and fixes several issues to deliver optimum experience for the end user.

What's new

  • iOS 14 support


  • Multiple duplicate Push notifications were being received notifying about Password Expiry
  • Android: MFA was not respecting Password Manager policy when all Factors were required
  • Android: App hanging in infinite loop when answering Security Questions during Password Reset
  • Incorrect error message when fetching attributes directly from DB versus AD

QuickLaunch Mobile App | Release 1.4

August 21st, 2020

QuickLaunch introduces Mobile Apps for iOS and Android enabling your institute's staff, faculty members and students to securely manage their login credentials as well as Single sign-on to third-party Apps with the convenience of a handheld.

What's new

  • Custom Branding for personalised theme in Mobile App
  • MFA-based login for secure access (Security Questions, Phone and Email)
  • Push-based reminder notifications for Password expiry
  • Notifications store for Notifications management
  • Single sign-on to third-party Apps
  • Touch/Face ID based App lock
  • DIY First-time user registration
  • MFA-based Forgot username
  • MFA-based Forgot password
  • Ability to change password post login
  • Support for locked, disabled, expired and password expired accounts
  • Support for force change of password at next login

Automated Provisioning | 5.5

August 27th, 2021

Automated Provisioning 5.5 introduces certain enhancements and optimizations to deliver optimum experience for the admin.

What’s new

  • Ability to add optional attribute while defining Connector meta
  • CampusNexus: Ability to pull data from "EnrolledProgram" entity.
  • Ability to write-back from Manage to Admit


  • Record fails to process if there is a single quote in data

Automated Provisioning | 5.4

July 30th, 2021

Automated Provisioning 5.4 introduces enhancements to RestAPI and Welcome Notification workflows along-with other optimizations and improvements to deliver optimum experience for the admin.

What’s new

  • RestAPI: Ability to select predefined scripts from dropdown
  • Ability to generate XML, CSV or JSON export files as per desired attribute mapping and transformation
  • Ability to send welcome notification via SMS


  • Workday: WorkAddressline1 and WorkAddressline2 have the same data

Automated Provisioning | 5.3

June 25th, 2021

Automated Provisioning 5.3 introduces enhancements to Zoom Connector along-with other optimizations and improvements for delivering optimum experience for the admin.

What’s new

  • Ability to generate XML, CSV or JSON export files as per attribute mapping and transformation
  • Complete a batch entirely once processing is initiated for XML and other large payload
  • User provisioning to Zoom


  • Resync does not work for records processed from Message Queue Connector
  • Icons were overlapping on Attribute fields

Automated Provisioning | 5.2

May 28th, 2021

Automated Provisioning 5.2 introduces several enhancements to Moodle Connector along-with introduction of a new Zoom Connector and Custom Forms for provisioning users.

What’s new

  • Moodle: Ability to get attendance of Users
  • Moodle: Ability to provision user Grades
  • Introduction of Zoom Connector
  • Introduction of Custom Forms (secured and unsecured) for provisioning users


  • Unifyed API: New fields and error messages needed to be adopted
  • Brackets were getting removed during writeback

Automated Provisioning | 5.1

April 23rd, 2021

Automated Provisioning 5.1 introduces several enhancements to Workday, ADSync and Blackboard Connectors along-with other improvements to admin experience.

What’s new

  • ADSync: Ability to pull users and users' group information from Open LDAP
  • Workday: Support for additional fields from Workday as Source
  • Workday: Ability to get updates for a terminated record in future
  • Blackboard: Ability to synchronously get Grades


  • Workday: Reporting anomaly

Automated Provisioning | 5.0

March 12th, 2021

Automated Provisioning 5.0 introduces SAP Business by Design, ConnectWise and Slate Connectors along-with several improvements and enhancements to admin experience.

What’s new

  • SAP Business by Design | ManageJournalEntryIn Operations
  • Blackboard | Ability to get Grades
  • Ability to add custom attribute for users in Moodle
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Ability to write back multiple rows to DB as a result of an API call
  • Ability to pass customer specific custom fields to Unifyed User API for RTDS
  • New custom attribute to be added to Moodle's 'StudentID'
  • XMLParser | Move the file to an error folder if there is any exception
  • ConnectWise Connector
  • ConnectWise | Ability to create new members in ConnectWise
  • Slate Connector
  • SAP Business by Design Connector
  • Slate | Create new users


  • Reports not getting generated for Admit to Banner integration
  • Error folder not getting created where file name is incorrect
  • Maintenance Window: No data coming under Schedule maintenance

Automated Provisioning | 4.9.3

February 23rd, 2021

Automated Provisioning 4.9.3 introduces an enhancement to Unifyed Engage Connector.

What’s new

  • Ability to add custom fields to Unifyed Engage User API

Automated Provisioning | 4.9

January 15th, 2021

Automated Provisioning 4.9 introduces RestAPI Connector for invoking third party API's to fetch certain data as well as several other improvements to deliver optimum user experience.

What’s new

  • Crosswalk support for custom Attribute mappings
  • RestAPI Connector
  • Ability to process a CSV file from RestAPI


  • Crosswalk: Inserting multiple fields separated by | shows blank output
  • Email notification fix for AWS SES

Automated Provisioning | 4.8

November 20th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.8 introduces Admit to Banner integration along-with enhancements to Email settings and several bug fixes for optimum user experience.

What’s new

  • Admit to Banner Integration (Stored Procedure)
  • Ability to white list multiple From Emails in Settings for both SMTP and AWS


  • The L field in AD was being considered as a unique field when URL is configured as a unique field in Connection configuration's Attribute mapping

Automated Provisioning | 4.7

October 30th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.7 introduces enhancements to Connections, SFTP and Blackboard Connectors along with several optimizations to deliver optimum experience for the user.

What’s new

  • Communication Plan for Connections
  • Ability to write back data to a third JDBC connector that is neither source nor destination
  • SFTP Connector: Ability to process multiple entities from one file
  • Blackboard: Ability to assign roles to user while enrollment


  • Update not working for a running connection
  • Fields with hyphens are not written back from AD to Database
  • Unknown error appears intermittently while clicking on "Save and Test" button

Automated Provisioning | 4.6.1

October 13th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.6.1 introduces certain bug fixes for Moodle Connector.

Bug fixes

  • Unable to update user information in Moodle

Automated Provisioning | 4.6

September 25th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.6 introduces enhancements to SFTP and Blackboard Connectors along-with several optimizations to deliver optimum experience for the user.

What’s new

  • Admit to Banner Integration: Ability to Create/Update user via Stored Procedure
  • SFTP Connector: Logic for XML parsing now passes dynamically
  • Ability to create Courses in Blackboard
  • Ability to assign Roles to Users in Blackboard
  • Ability to enroll Users to Courses in Blackboard


  • Random counter appended to fields other than those marked as unique fields

Automated Provisioning | 4.5

August 28th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.5 introduces enhancements to SFTP and Canvas Connectors along-with several optimisations to deliver optimum experience for the user.

What’s new

  • Ability to assign Roles to user in Canvas
  • Ability to configure SFTPClient as Destination Connector to write CSV or JSON content to file
  • SOAP Connector is now split into Workday and CampusNexus Connector
  • CampusNexus: Get all Staff data from CampusNexus API


  • Insights: Unable to search for a record if tenant has AD Sync configured
  • CampusNexus: Notifications not being sent

Automated Provisioning | 4.4

July 24th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.4 introduces enhancements to Blackboard, AD Agent and Office 365 Connectors along-with several optimisations to deliver optimum experience for the user.

What’s new

  • Create, update and delete users in Blackboard
  • AD Agent: Manually Sync password for a user based on samAccountname
  • AD Agent: Ability to configure AD Agent dashboard for a tenant - Display heartbeat, search a user to know when password last synced and daily data
  • Ability to view AD Agent logs remotely for Destination agents
  • Office365: Add passwordProfile while creating or updating user in Office 365
  • Office365: Add otherMails like G Suite while updating user


  • Duplicate course entries are getting created in D2L
  • Running Connections stops intermittently and Connection notifications does not notify that the Connection stopped
  • Blackboard: While creating a PURGE Connection getting errors and there is no Message
  • Connection for Office365 is not working
  • Email addresses are not validating before sending Event Notifications
  • Wait-retry mechanism for LDAP Connector
  • Office365: Enable update of Password Profile for Users
  • Unable to create Moodle Connector with new Email ID

Automated Provisioning | 4.3.3

July 10th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.3.3 introduces a couple of optimisations to AD Agent in order to deliver optimum experience for the user.

Bug fixes

  • AD Agent: Replay failed password sync for a user in destination agent
  • When user changes password in on-premise AD, ADAgent does not sync the password in Cloud AD

Automated Provisioning | 4.3

June 26th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.3 introduces enhancements to Canvas and Moodle Connectors along-with other optimisations and improvements.

What's new

  • Show Change Log in reports drill-down page
  • Ability to Create and Delete groups in Moodle
  • Support for Oracle version 19C
  • AD Agent: All users with password and useraccountcontrol 544 should be updated to 512
  • Option to add CC and BCC fields for Welcome Letters
  • Ability to Create, Update and Delete users in Canvas


  • Input fields with - were not read in ADSync
  • Create and Update user notifications not getting sent if user has null in email address
  • Report data gets delayed on page load
  • Purge option for new Connection not visible

Automated Provisioning | 4.2

May 29th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.2 introduces enhancements to Maintenance Window and several Connectors along-with other optimisations and improvements.

What's new

  • D2L: Ability to select and provision more than one record at a time
  • Ability to define Recurrence in Maintenance Window
  • Moodle: Ability to assign roles to users
  • Configuration of Maintenance Window notifications through Communication plan
  • CampusNexus: Incremental data feed


  • Workday: Time should be used instead of date for Incremental feed
  • Transformed values are undefined when editing any existing Connection
  • Getting blank page on Maintenance Window when clicked on Back button
  • Maintenance Window: Monthly scheduled maintenance start date and end date have no use

Automated Provisioning | 4.1

April 30th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.1 introduces an AD Agent for User Password synchronisation purposes and enhanced Connectors for Moodle and Workday along-with several other optimisations and improvements.

What's new

  • Moodle Connector | Phase 2
  • Ability to configure Multiple notifications for password expiry with different templates
  • Create Notification Plan - Phase 1
  • Incremental data fetching from Workday API
  • AD Agent for User Password sync


  • Data transformation is not working using Regex
  • Update Password fails in AD where OU has space in it
  • Fix for ElasticSearch Logging indices

Automated Provisioning | 4.0

March 27th, 2020

Automated Provisioning 4.0 introduces Connectors for Moodle and Campus Nexus along-with the ability to schedule maintenance window for a running Connection and several other optimisations and improvements.

What's new

  • All email and mandatory fields should now throw relevant errors
  • Ability to schedule maintenance window for a running connection
  • Workflow to search an existing user and edit or create a new user in AD
  • Workflow for creating Groups and OU's in AD
  • Introduction of Moodle Connector | Phase 1
  • AD Sync: Ability to sync OU from AD to AD via Staging table
  • AD Sync: While creating users in target AD - ability to pass DN as a parameter
  • Introduction of Campus Nexus Connector | Phase 1


  • Notifications need to check for Connector and Connections state on basis of specified interval
  • Unable to retain + in phone number

Automated Provisioning | 3.8

February 21st, 2020

Integrate 3.8 introduces core enhancements to technology stack, Connector for Elastic and ability to use Unifyed Admit as a source Connector.

What's new

  • Upgraded Tech Stack
  • D2L Client upgrade - v1.15 to 1.23
  • Implementing lazy loading and modular approach
  • Elastic Connector | Phase 1
  • Ability to send notifications about Connector and Connection status to more than one recipient
  • Admit to Manage Connector | Phase 1
  • Workday Connector | Phase 2


  • Connections show started in UI but do not process any record
  • Fixed redirect URL for G Suite Connector
  • Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL sources fail when queries have line breaks

Automated Provisioning | 3.7

January 24th, 2020

Integrate 3.7 introduces connectors for Canvas and Workday as well as enable means to creating Workflows for Notifications.

What's new

  • Canvas Connector | Phase 1
  • iPaas revamp | Phase II
  • Workday connector | Phase 1
  • Notification Workflow | Phase 1
  • Workflow for generating unique field


  • Update password in AD is not working if using Base DN
  • AD Connection issue - Cannot connect to server - connection is null
  • Banner to AD - Generating unique field is failing when input field has number in it
  • Banner to AD - Updates all write back fields to null when update request to AD fails
  • Load reports details asynchronously to reduce page load time

Automated Provisioning | 3.6

December 24th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.6 introduces Connectors for BlackBoard LMS, AD (as Source) and an API to offer ability to receive messages from external clients.

What's new

  • Introduction of BlackBoard LMS Connector
  • Ability to create users in BlackBoard
  • Introduction of RTDS / AD Sync Connector to sync data from AD to any destination
  • Sync data from database to multi-valued attributes in AD
  • UI for adding Advanced mapping in order to generate complex JSON | Phase 1
  • Ability to update password in AD
  • G Suite: Ability to update Primary Email
  • Introduction of Automated Provisioning API with the ability to accept messages
  • Introduction of a Message Queue Connector to receive messages from external clients via API


  • Unable to update Legal Names and Preferred Names for D2L users
  • Only one unique field should be allowed during Attribute mapping

Automated Provisioning | 3.5

November 22nd, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.5 introduces advanced mapping features to generate JSON, connector for Unifyed Admit and multi-AD lookup capabilities.

What's new

  • New “Validation” type where we can specify table and column that we’d need to check in the output database (Data Maps)
  • Definition of field type on output side for validation
  • Connector for Unifyed Admit | Phase 1
  • Advanced mapping feature to generate complex JSON
  • Allow configuration of multiple notification for same role on Update event
  • Password Sync from QuickLaunch to G Suite
  • Ability to update Legal Names and Preferred Names for D2L users
  • Ability to update email for Unifyed connector
  • Multi AD lookup for generating unique field values via a staging table in source DB


  • User data is not sync if column value is null in source DB
  • Connection frequency in configured to 30 minutes but is running every 2 seconds
  • D2L Existing Cross listed parent course's Code is not getting updated when sections are added

Automated Provisioning | 3.4

October 18th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.4 introduces enhancements to G Suite connector (by Google) along-with CSV reading via SFTP and Crosswalk transition capabilities.

What's new

  • Optional fields support for a user in G Suite
  • Change history maintenance for records in G Suite
  • Added Organisation Unit for Users in G Suite
  • Added lookup table and column name ensuring uniqueness of attribute
  • Introduction of a SFTP Adapter with ability to read multiple CSV's
  • Multi AD lookup for generating unique field values via a staging table in source DB
  • Add ability to add if/else criteria while applying custom transformation
  • Introduction of Crosswalk transition method to replace source data based on a lookup/master data table


  • Creating multiple users with same primary key when users have same First name and Last name
  • Welcome email is sent when an inactive user is created in AD
  • CN value should not be changed while updating existing user in Active Directory
  • Email Relay Settings: Password input should not be displayed in text
  • Letters with accent characters were dropped

Automated Provisioning | 3.3

September 13th, 2019

We manage identity for 100s of Delighted Customers.

What's new

  • G Suite: User creation and update
  • G Suite: Allocation of groups to user
  • G Suite: Ability to Suspend user
  • G Suite: Ability to Purge user
  • Ability to create new Connector with AD as source for future ADSync operation
  • Protection against long running query

Automated Provisioning | 3.2

August 9th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.2 introduces several new features, bug fixes and stability improvements for delivering optimum user-experience.

What's new

  • Delete (purge) users from AD
  • Hyphen and apostrophe should be retained in all attributes other than samaccountname or upn while creating users in AD
  • Revoke licences if user is inactive or if mapping is changed on allocate licenses dialog
  • Ability to allocate licenses and groups to user in Office 365


  • Connectors stop intermittently
  • Welcome letter for multiple group selection is not working
  • Banner database CPU spikes
  • Connection monitoring reports are sent even when Connection is running
  • While creating Notification settings, clicking on Save creates multiple copies of the same settings
  • Field should not be added to AD if its value is null

Automated Provisioning | 3.1

July 3rd, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.1 introduces enhancements for Microsoft Office 365, D2L and several other bug fixes with stability improvements for greater user-experience.

What's new

  • Allow users to selectively provision a single record to D2L
  • Ability to search a record in Audit Log drill-down to success/failed record
  • Ability to add count of total eligible records to be processed in last impacted section in Dashboard
  • Add ability to send email from Automated Provisioning via SES
  • Create a monitoring notification email to support team with status of live connections
  • Add ability to select template for Update users
  • Changes in samaccountname should appear as proper text i.e. ability to define login changed message
  • Create users in Office 365
  • Update users in Office 365
  • Assigning User to Groups in O365
  • Allocation of license to the User in O365


  • Update user attribute not working for Office 365

Automated Provisioning | 3.0

June 7th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 3.0 introduces connectors for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SQL Server and Unifyed along-with several bug fixes and stability improvements for greater user-experience.

What's new

  • Microsoft Office 365 Connector
  • Enroll instructors to parent course (D2L)
  • Add ability to setup delay and schedule the time of delivery for an email template in a connection
  • Add ability to set up the same email template for one or multiple groups in a connection
  • Unifyed Connector
  • Provision/de-provision users using Unifyed connector
  • Provision/de-provision groups using Unifyed connector
  • Provision/de-provision user's group membership using Unifyed connector
  • Add ability to take XML input using FTP Connector and provision the same
  • Microsoft SQL Server connector
  • Add ability to remap uniquely generated sameaccountnumber suffixed with max 3 digit random number
  • While writing back to Banner consider only the fields that are mapped in IAM write-back
  • Allow same CN value for multiple users in different OU


  • @ is stripped off email when writing back to acknowledgement table
  • In case AD entry has binary fields, write-back status was failing
  • Email displaying junk data instead of expected text
  • On Write Back status page, drop down does not display all the columns

Automated Provisioning | 2.2

May 6th, 2019

Automated Provisioning 2.2 fixes certain reporting related issues as well as introduces several new enhancements to D2L connector and user sync flows.

What's new

  • Ability to add multiple Banner courses as sections in a Parent Course (Cross List)
  • Enroll students to parent course and cross listed courses
  • Ability to retain groups selectively from mapped groups when user is disabled
  • Ability to set default password and set user must change password on first login
  • Allowing special characters in user CN


  • Number of users provisioned and de-provisioned displayed in dashboard is incorrect

Automated Provisioning | 2.1

April 19th, 2019

With Automated Provisioning 2.1, we have introduced a Connector for Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) by Desire2Learn (D2L). Now keep your students, courses and semesters across colleges and departments in sync with Banner and enable learning experiences for your students like never before.

What's new

  • Creating D2L Connector
  • Creating and updating users in D2L from Banner
  • Ability to create semester in D2L
  • Ability to create a college in D2L
  • Ability to enroll users to Courses
  • Ability to create a department
  • Ability to add multiple unique fields while provisioning a user to AD
  • Deactivate courses from D2L based on their status in Banner
  • Un-enroll Student from courses in D2L based on Banner data
  • Un-enroll Instructors from courses in D2L
  • Data sync failure and recovery development
  • Ability to define mandatory fields while mapping D2L fields
  • Ability to view provisioned input in Dashboard on Timeline search
  • Deleted Connection cards will not show in Dashboard
  • All records will be processed in a Work unit for optimization purposes


  • Incorrect count is displayed in reporting while data provisioning
  • Manual addition of a user not working in Firefox browser
  • Disabled user's userAccountControl value not changing when user OU is also changed

Automated Provisioning | 2.0

March 8th, 2019

Automate and setup schedules to seamlessly provision and maintain active users at your institute through Automated Provisioning 2.0 (AP). Transform data on-the-fly, notify provisioned users instantly and leverage on AP’s insightful Analytics to stay on top of your game.

What's new

  • Enabled FTP Connector creation
  • Performance improvement by introducing parallel processing of user records
  • Design enhancements for optimum user-experience
  • User timeline widget in Dashboard now supports wild-card search
  • Ability to fetch records in batches from Source for greater performance
  • Connection management for fast data retrieval from Database
  • Ability to add Base DN while selecting the destination as AD
  • Ability to pick delta records since last data synchronization
  • Automated Provisioning Product manual


  • [DEV-733] - Recipients getting Welcome email multiple times
  • Server restarts multiple times under load
  • Data synchronization should stop after deleting the connector
  • Test response loading icon missing in Firefox browser
  • Search Results drop-down is showing on selection of Connection in reporting

Automated Provisioning | Release Candidate 2

February 8th, 2019

Identity and Access Management / Automated Provisioning version RC2 prioritizes performance and product stability for optimum experience of the end-user.

What's new

  • Multi-node/tenant - Enabling auto-scaling capability
  • Ability to run synchronize job every X hours
  • Ability to add disabled user to a specific group


  • Data should not synchronize after stopping an active Connection
  • Slashed some Dashboard UI bugs
  • Unable to create connection for new Tenant
  • Data synchronize stops working after re-starting Automated Provisioning
  • Synchronization failure with blank test response and message
  • Failed data from synchronization not reflecting in reporting
  • Data synchronization should stop after deleting a Connector
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