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  • Role-based Access Control

    Assign permissions to the users based on their role within an organization. Ensure the right people have the right access to right systems and applications.

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  • Ability to invite third-party email as an Administrator

    Administrators can add third-party admins. Though these individuals have varying permission levels, they will not count as a team member in your organization.

  • Ability to retrieve Contract/SOW on demand

    Administrators can download a copy of contract/Statement of Work for the product(s) leveraged by their institution.

  • Ability to DIY upgrade Plan and purchase Addons

    Administrators can upgrade the current plan and add new products/add-ons based on their requirement(s).

  • Visibility to Licenses quota and usage

    View current active users in real time and get a view on used vs maximum allowed user licenses.

  • End User Password Policy builder

    Create strong password policies by defining password complexities such as minimum length, maximum length, uppercase/lowercase character requirement and much more.

  • Ability to use Google Authenticator as MFA for Admin

    Add an additional layer of security by enabling Google Authenticator as a factor of authentication for Admin account(s).

  • Support for reCAPTCHA to prevent bot attempts to Login

    Enable reCAPTCHA to prevent malicious software/bot traffic from engaging in abusive activities on your login page. Meanwhile, legitimate users will be able to login.

QuickLaunch 5 vs QuickLaunch 8

Features QuickLaunch 5 QuickLaunch 8
Platform Do-it-Yourself Upgrade
Enhanced Reporting
Role-based Access Control
In-product Release announcements for Administrators
Ability to upload background videos
Single-Sign On and IDP Access to App Store
Do-it-Yourself App Configuration
Metadata Download
Enhanced SSO Report
Password Management with Multi-factor Authentication Security Question/Email/SMS
Google Authentication*
Enhanced Password Management Reporting
Consolidated Password Manager insights
True SMS*
Adaptive Authentication End-User Facelift
Enhanced Reporting
Automated Provisioning* Moodle Connector
  • Ability to Create and Delete groups in Moodle
  • Ability to assign roles to users
Canvas Connector
AD Sync Connector
PeopleSoft Connector
Workday Connector
  • Support for additional fields from Workday as Source
  • Ability to get updates for a terminated record in future
Blackboard Connector
  • Ability to synchronously get Grades
  • Ability to assign roles to user while enrollment
  • Ability to create courses in Blackboard
  • Ability to assign roles to users in Blackboard
  • Ability to enroll users to courses in Blackboard
ConnectWise Connector
  • Ability to create new members in ConnectWise
Slate Connector
  • Create new users
CampusNexus Connector
Zoom Connector
Mobile App* Single Sign-On to Third-Party Apps
Two-Factor Login
Biometric App Lock
Get Password Expiry Notifications
Custom Branding
Prevent False Access
Reset Passwords
Change Password
Forgot Username
DIY First-Time User Registration
Login Activity
Password Policy Visibility

*Available at additional cost