Union Institute and University goes live with QuickLaunch Single Sign-On, Smart Password Manager with MFA, and Adaptive Authentication

Miami, FL – June 27, 2022: We would like to congratulate Union Institute & University on successful implementation of QuickLaunch Single Sign-On, Smart Password Manager with MFA, and Adaptive Authentication. This will help the institution to provide one click secure access to multiple applications, automate password resets, reduce help desk call volumes, detect suspicious logins, and eliminate the practice of sending default credentials to first time users.

Products Offered Single Sign-On, Smart Password Manager with MFA and Adaptive Authentication.
Applications Jenzabar®, Office 365®, AEFIS®and Brightspace®

Union Institute & University

Since 1964, Union Institute & University has specialized in providing quality higher education degrees for adults nationwide. Union is a non-profit, regionally accredited university that offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in a delivery model that is the result of more than five decades of identifying and refining ways to structure and deliver education to meet the needs of adults.

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is a global IAM provider helping organizations reach their digital transformation goals faster. We offer comprehensive IAM products like SSO that make it easy to access apps, adaptive MFA for rigorous account security, passwordless authentication with cutting-edge biometrics, and automated account provisioning with cloud deployment. Streamline the user experience while understanding engagement insights - QuickLaunch can be your IAM partner of choice on this journey!