Shaw University Selects QuickLaunch As ItsIdentity Partner

Chicago, IL – Nov 14th, 2019 - QuickLaunch, a leader in identity, and access management solutions is proud to announce that Shaw University has selected it as an identity partner. This private liberal institution is going to implement QuickLaunch solutions like Single Sign-On (SSO) and Password Manager with MFA.

Solutions to Be Implemented at Shaw University

Shaw University was searching for a smooth, swift and seamless way to resolve its identity challenges. QuickLaunch, a leader in identity and access management provided an irresistible solution by offering SSO and Password Manager with MFA. With this QuickLaunch intends to resolve institutional challenges from multiple login credentials and recurring help desk requests for resetting passwords.

SSO will prove to be efficient in resolving challenges from multiple login credentials by providing the user with a single platform to access multiple apps with a single set of credentials. At the same time, Password Manager with MFA (multifactor authentication) will self-service password resets after verifying user authenticity through factors like YubiKey, challenge questions, and Email/SMS OTP. This will secure authentication of the end-user while resetting passwords. Thereby, proving to beneficial for both the IT help desk as well as the end-user.

Products Offered Single Sign-On & Identity Provider, Password Manager with MFA
Applications Integrated Jenzabar, Moodle, G Suite and Exchange

About Shaw University

Shaw University is a private liberal arts institution. It is known as the first-ever historically black university of Southern United States. Established in 1865, Shaw was the first college in to offer a four-year medical school. It is also the first higher ed institution established for freedmen after the Civil War and the first historically Black college in the nation which opened doors to women.

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About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is the only AI-first identity and integration platform-as-a-service platform (IDaaS and iPaaS) that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization, access control and integration. QuickLaunch leverages AI to autodetect threats and step up authentication. More than 500 institutions and companies such as Jenzabar, Unifyed, OculusIT, New Mexico State University, Colorado Community College System, BlackBeltHelp trust QuickLaunch to protect and manage over 2,000,000 identities and integration to over 3,000 applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Canvas, Blackboard, G Suite and Office 365