QuickLaunch SSO Launches Multi-Factor Authentication

Chicago, IL – October 16th, 2015 – QuickLaunch SSO, a cloud-based single sign-on service announced today multi-factor authentication (MFA) as its new source of intelligence to determine any form of identification.

This will ensure all security parameters are met making it difficult for unknown sources to hack enterprise applications. This means a combination of two or more credentials to provide a layered shield in order to make it complex and difficult for an unknown source to access the applications. Hypothetically if any one protocol is compromised or breached, the unknown source has at least one more barrier to breakthrough before reaching the target.

The idea behind moving from a traditional Self-Service Single Authentication Platform to a new Business Intelligence Platform is to allow clients with an option to work with any and/or additional authentication protocols such as SAML, CAS, WS-Fed, WS-Trust, ADFS, etc; running behind the scenes all at the same time. If the QuickLaunch IdP detects that for whatever reason, the applications whose credentials are totally different from what is available in the primary user store, such applications might or might not have been built to handle the handshake between the identity servers via the pre-defined protocol. However, this information is of no relevance to the SSO broker application (in this case QuickLaunch SSO) as the configured Identity Store is different from the expected identity store.

"The issue with legacy self-service forms of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is that they were easily manipulated by a few individuals who required access to the sensitive enterprise data without requisite permissioning. QuickLaunch SSO provides a controlled MFA as a pragmatic solution." said Neeraj Kainth, CEO, QuickLaunch. “QuickLaunch SSO is designed to elucidate authentication issues with legacy platforms for all users across multiple domains without increase cost.” he added.

Just this week, QuickLaunch SSO announced its flexibility to be used as a major Identity Service Provider (IdP) inside of different portal platforms and as a stand-alone environment.

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is the only AI-first identity and integration platform-as-a-service platform (IDaaS and iPaaS) that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization, access control and integration. QuickLaunch leverages AI to autodetect threats and step up authentication. More than 500 institutions and companies such as Jenzabar, Unifyed, OculusIT, New Mexico State University, Colorado Community College System, BlackBeltHelp trust QuickLaunch to protect and manage over 2,000,000 identities and integration to over 3,000 applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Canvas, Blackboard, G Suite and Office 365.