Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Selects QuickLaunch To Achieve Single Sign-On for Jenzabar® JICS

Chicago, IL – December 3rd, 2018 - QuickLaunch, the leading AI-based IDaaS company announces the launch of its flagship Identity platform at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico is a private non-profit institution specializing in Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture,Land Surveying and Geomatics, and Business Administration. Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico is the second largest institution in the United States, of graduating Hispanic engineers. The Institution has undertaken several key IT initiatives to boost student success and this includes deploying a plethora of IT applications such as Jenzabar® JICS®, Blackboard®.

The IT team was looking at ways to boost student experience of using these IT applications and deliver single sign-on access to all of these applications. After a brief evaluation process, they chose QuickLaunch. Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico will leverage the following capabilities of QuickLaunch:

Single Sign-On & Identity Provider: Single Sign-On access to multiple applications through AD authentication for different applications using OAuth, WS-Federation, Open AM, Open ID CAS and SAML.

SSO for JICS®: Single Sign-On access for all JICS® applications that provide a simple and effective to better usage of these applications.

Self-Service Password Reset with Multi-Factor Authentication: A self-service password reset tool that helps students reset passwords on their own without having to call the helpdesk. Users can recover passwords using phone, email, security questions, call and Text.

Multi-Factor Authentication: A secure way to verify user identities using additional authentication modes such as email, SMS, security questions.

“QuickLaunch is happy to be associated with Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and improve operational efficiencies of their IT team by helping them better manage their identities using our platform capabilities such as single sign-on, password manager, multi-factor authentication. We are committed to helping the institution in its mission to delivering IT applications in a seamless and secure manner in a cost-effective way", said Neeraj Kainth, CEO, QuickLaunch.

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is the only AI and blockchain based identity-as-a-service platform (IDaaS) that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization and access control. QuickLaunch leverages AI to autodetect threats and step up authentication. QuickLaunch leverages blockchain ledger to protect identities and maintain historical access control changes for automatic compliance management. More than 100 institutions and companies such as Jenzabar, Unifyed, OculusIT, New Mexico State University, Colorado Community College System, BlackBeltHelp trust QuickLaunch to protect and manage over 2,000,000 identities and access to over 3,000 applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Canvas, Blackboard, G Suite and Office 365.