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It's clearer now than ever: Legacy multi-factor authentication is no longer enough to withstand today's threats. The new approach, which is based on the FIDO security standard, promises to be more secure than traditional multi-factor security.



Passwords exposed by data breaches


of hacking-related breaches are result of weak or stolen credentials

Source: 2021 Verizon DBIR report

What is Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication is an authentication method in which a user can log in to a system without entering a password or any other knowledge-based secret. While traditional multi-factor authentication (MFA) approaches are highly phishable and vulnerable to remote account takeover attacks, modern MFA approaches, including passwordless MFA offer strong phishing resistance and are proven to stop account takeovers in its tracks.


The Path to Passwordless: Never type a Password Again!


Secure access with Push Notifications

QuickLaunch sends a notification to the QuickLaunch Mobile app on the user's mobile device, where they can tap the prompt to authenticate.


Authenticate using Google Auth

Allow your users to benefit from a secure, hassle-free and passwordless experience by utilizing Google Authenticator for authentication.


Verify via Email OTP

Users will receive a confirmation code in their inbox which needs to be entered for authentication.


Verify via SMS OTP

Users receive a confirmation code on their phones which helps them to authenticate.


Validate your identity via Security questions

Users must provide answers to the security questions in order to successfully authenticate.


Set Preferred Authentication

By enabling the ease of preferred authentication factors, you can give your users the freedom to select their login factor.


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