Modernize the Student Experience with QuickLaunch Mobile App*

Access organization-wide applications, from a single screen on a mobile device, using a single set of credentials to all authorized applications.

Single Sign-On to Third-Party Apps

Access organization-wide applications, from a single screen on a mobile device, using a single set of credentials to all authorized applications.

Two-Factor Login

Organization can enable two-factor authentication at the time of login based on predefined policies by the organization.

Biometric App Lock

Lower the risk of unwanted breaches by enabling Face ID or Touch ID as one of the app-locking mechanisms.

Get Push Notifications

Users receive push-based reminder notifications for password expiry. Users can manage these notifications from the Notification Store.

Custom Branding

Change theme color and logo to mirror your organizations’ brand image.

Prevent False Access

Prevent unauthorized access and protect the organization’s mission-critical applications by verifying user identity at the time of login using multiple factors (challenge questions, SMS and Email).

Login Activity

End-user can login to the mobile app using multiple devices and can view login activity along with their geolocation.

DIY First-Time User Registration

First time users can set up their security profile in few simple steps, directly from the mobile app.


Refresh apps and view new notifications (if any) by a simple pull-down gesture.


User will logout automatically if the device moves beyond 500Km from last login location.

*Hardware Compatibility: QuickLaunch Mobile is compatible with Apple iPhone (iOS 13+) and Android (9+) Mobile Devices.

Ready to Modernize Student User Experience?

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    "We believe our partnership with QuickLaunch will benefit us as much as it does our clients,” Perkins said. “It will allow both companies to support clients across an increased number of markets and enable us to provide them with an additional layer of security. And when you realize that 95% of enterprises experience identity-related breaches, that is something we think our clients can’t do without. "

    David Perkins

    Executive Vice President of Sales
    Howard Technology Solutions ​

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    "Jefferson Community College was manually handling the user account creation and management for years. Implementing QuickLaunch Automated User Provisioning (Banner® to AD®) is a huge step forward for our security infrastructure to know we are actively managing identities. It's going to tremendously enhance our audits and enhance IT productivity."

    Don Horton

    Chief Information Security Officer​

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    "After years of managing a home-grown solution and attempts with other 3rd party tools, Colorado Christian University selected QuickLaunch to help manage digital identities for students, staff, and faculty. We have been able to improve the end-user experience, boost staff productivity, improve institutional security, and reduce technical debt all at an affordable cost. The experience working with QuickLaunch has gone well and we look forward to the next phase of our project."

    Renee Martin​

    Chief Information Officer​

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    "We have greatly improved the user experience for everyone trying to find and utilize the many application services available at Illinois College. We have also saved a significant amount of budget and time with password reset, allowing our users to reset their own passwords 24/7, rather than having to wait for the service desk to be open. Accounts are better secured now that they are tied to SSO and forced to comply with our AD password policy, and with MFA we look to provide even better security."

    Patrick Brown

    Chief Information Officer

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    "It was a pleasure working with the team at QuickLaunch during implementation. They were very knowledgeable of different systems and did an excellent job walking my team through the process to ensure a smooth transition to single sign-on."

    Dr. Mondrail Myrick​

    Director of Information Technology

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    "We had only 3 weeks to get a full SSO and Adaptive MFA solution in place. QuickLaunch got us there, and we're still expanding our footprint today. I highly recommend them."

    Allan Chen​

    Vice President for Institute Technology

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    "AIC is successfully using QuickLaunch SSO, MFA, and password management. We have doubled the number of SSO applications now that we have a secure authentication environment at a much lower cost than MFA competitors"

    Mimi Roystan​

    Chief Information Officer