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About Thanksgiving Offer

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we're thrilled to offer a special deal: Choose our Automated Provisioning service at only $0.28/user/month and enjoy complimentary Single Sign-on. This offer is valid until November 30, 2023.

One Platform for All Identities

Protected Users
Successful Authentications
Product Automated Provisioning
$0.28 /user/month
Single Sign-On
$0.12 /user/month
Pricing (For 1,000 users) $3360/year $1440/year
Pricing (For 2,000 users) $6720/year $2880/year
Pricing (For 2,500 users) $8400/year $3600/year

* T&C: Support & Implementation is separate.


How to apply for this offer?

To avail this offer, click the Book a Demo button, indicate your availability, and we'll schedule a call to discuss your requirements. If satisfied, we'll proceed accordingly.


QuickLaunch Automated Provisioning Features


Predefined Connectors

Using predefined connectors, the data is synced and integrated with heterogeneous IT systems for provisioning or reconciliation.


Easy Configuration

With SSO, improve efficiency by deploying the right apps the first time. Simplified management of app request, approval and provisioning process with automated workflows.


Multi-Source Integration

Data from varied sources, platforms, and ERPs are integrated using the platform or using custom scripts with AD or LDAP and provisioning ensure that entire information gets sync completely.


Role-Based Access Control

Give the right set of privileges to the right employee, & manage them centrally.


Birthright Provisioning

It enables the necessary access to different systems and apps to be automatically granted to new users based on preconfigured rules.


Reporting & Analytics

Get insightful & actionable insights on who your users are, the apps they’re accessing, and more.



Admin can configure multi-level workflows for access requests to roles or apps. Admins can choose a role as the approving authority at each level of the workflow.

Unlock Benefits of Free SSO with Automated Provisioning

Building and maintaining an identity platform with SSO can be a challenging and costly task. However, with QuickLaunch, 94% of organizations reported being able to implement SSO in less than a month, making it a quick and easy solution. Implementing SSO not only reduces the sales cycle but also acts as a catalyst for growth, making it a crucial feature for enterprise clients. Additionally, SSO can tie together numerous apps and services, providing a seamless user experience for your customers.

  • Boost Productivity
  • Security Compliance
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Stronger Security
  • Scale as you grow

QuickLaunch SSO features

With QuickLaunch Single Sign-On portal users only have to enter one set of credentials to access their web apps in the cloud.


Federated SSO

Single Sign-On to apps that support federated protocols such as SAML 2.0, OpenID, OAuth, CAS, WS Fed, and InCommon.


inbuilt Library

Salesforce, Box, Banner, ADP, Dropbox & more – 1-click access to literally every app you need at work.


Enterprise Portal Integration

Streamlines the login process for users and enhances overall security measures.


Role-Based Access Control

Effortlessly manage employee privileges with centralized management. Grant the appropriate level of access to each team member with ease.


500+ Pre Built Adaptors

Integrate all the applications your users need for work with just one click.


Reporting and Analytics

Get actionable data to help you optimize your strategies and improve your user experience.


Custom Branding

Our custom branding options let you change the default design of the login page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this offer entail?
As a Thanksgiving special, we're extending the offer of Single Sign-on for free when you opt for our Automated Provisioning service at only $280 per month (1,000 FTE). This package is valid until November 30, 2023.
Do I need to pay for Signle Sign-on?
No, Single Sign-on is included at no extra cost when you opt for Automated Provisioning.
How many apps are free for integration in Free Single Sign-On (SSO)?
You can integrate up to 5 applications for free in Free Single Sign-On.
How can I request a demo?
To schedule a demo, simply click on the provided link.
What should I do if I have questions about this offer?
If you have any inquiries or require clarification about this offer, please feel free to submit your questions via email on adam_bailey@quicklaunchsso.com

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