EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

McCormick, Place Convention Center
October 9-12 | Chicogo, IL

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At Educause 2023, QuickLaunch aims to solve the modern-day identity challenges faced by higher ed institutions. Abiding by our motto - “Shaping the Identity Landscape for Higher Ed”, we thrive to bring best-in-class products for higher ed institutions to solve their identity challenges at lowest cost possible, understanding their strict budgets.

What has changed from Educause 2022 to Educause 2023?

In 2022, we decided to bring artificial intelligence to our products. QuickLaunch along with its premium customers worked together to create a prototype of an IAM solution that was not only cost-effective but was also capable of solving critical pain points of higher ed institutions such as managing identities and accesses, boosting user productivity, enhancing institutional security, improving product adoption rate and other challenges.

Finally, a truly self-serviceable AI-powered IAM solution came into existence. The newly revamped QuickLaunch IAM suite was more powerful than ever and was capable of handling mission critical challenges faced by higher eds.