Criswell College selects QuickLaunch Single Sign-On, and Multi-Factor Authentication

Miami, FL – Jul 11, 2023: Criswell College selects QuickLaunch to manage digital identities, streamline access control, and drive digital transformation. As a part of this collaboration, QuickLaunch will empower the institution with its proprietary solutions (Single Sign-On, MFA) to specifically address security and automation business needs of the institution.

QuickLaunch AI-powered Single Sign-On will help Criswell College to allow users (students, staff, and faculty) to login to multiple applications such as Jensabar - Sonis , Canvas, and O365 using a single set of credentials, thus enhancing the end user experience, and greatly improving user productivity.

Adaptive Authentication will help in detecting suspicious login attempts and alerting users. The system will prompt MFA based on deviations in user behavior (time of login, location of login etc.).

About Criswell College

Criswell College is a private Baptist Christian college and divinity school in Dallas, Texas. The college's stated mission is to provide ministerial and professional higher education for men and women preparing to serve as Christian leaders throughout society, while maintaining an institutional commitment to biblical inerrancy

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is a global IAM provider helping organizations reach their digital transformation goals faster. We offer comprehensive IAM products like SSO that make it easy to access apps, adaptive MFA for rigorous account security, passwordless authentication with cutting-edge biometrics, and automated account provisioning with cloud deployment. Streamline the user experience while understanding engagement insights - QuickLaunch can be your IAM partner of choice on this journey!