EiPaaS (Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service)

Simplifying Application Integration Across the Cloud

Enable execution, development and governance of the integration flows connecting any combination of cloud-based applications, services, processes and data across the organization.

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Why EiPaaS?

Technology has evolved in terms of complexity and usage in the business world. But this growth has raised questions and concerns on how to manage the myriad of applications. The answer is Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service. The exponential growth in data and corresponding communications between various applications is swiftly growing beyond anyone’s ability to manually process. With the average organization having 113 applications deployed, there is a high demand for cross-application integration, communication and automation.

By leveraging EiPaaS technology, organizations can eliminate manual processes, reduce dependency on spreadsheets, while increasing visibility, speed, and accuracy across the organization.

Extensive Product Integrations

QuickLaunch works with the products you trust. QuickLaunch's app catalog includes over 500+ pre-built app integrations. We support standards like SAML, Shibboleth, and OpenID Connect, enabling integration of most apps

Enterprises Leveraging QuickLaunch Identity Management as a Service

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