The University of Guam Chooses QuickLaunch Platform to Reduce IT Help Desk Costs

Chicago, IL - May 22nd, 2018 - The University of Guam has chosen QuickLaunch, the leading cloud-based, self-service Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform to achieve Self-Service Password Reset & implement Multi-Factor Authentication.

According to Gartner, manual password resets cost the IT help desk upto $23 per password reset. With multiple password resets for 1000s of students, the costs could skyrocket. Self-Service password resets would automate the entire process thereby freeing up the IT help desk and result in lowering IT costs.

With the ever-increasing number of IT Security breaches, the University of Guam felt the need to fortify Institutional Security using Multifactor Authentication. Here are the capabilities of QuickLaunch that University of Guam chose:

Password Manager, a self-service tool for managing passwords without relying on help desk services.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), an authentication tool that provides more than one factor of authentication. The modes include phone, email, security questions and more.

Here are the additional capabilities of the QuickLaunch platform:

Single Sign-On (SSO), a self-service tool to provide users single-click access to multiple applications.

Identity Provider (IDP), a cloud-based source of trust where user identities reside with multiple protocol support such as SAML, CAS, OAuth etc.

"We are pleased that University of Guam chose QuickLaunch to help students reset passwords on their own, thanks to our Self-Service Password Reset capabilities.” said Neeraj Kainth, CEO, QuickLaunch. He also added that, “They also leverage our platform’s Multifactor Authentication capabilities and Just-in-time provisioning for first time users thereby solving security challenges ."

About University of Guam

The University of Guam is a four-year land-grant institution, located in the village of Mangilao on the United States territory of Guam in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and offers thirty-four degree programs at the undergraduate level and eleven master’s level programs. It has a full-time enrollment of about 3,200 students.

About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is the only AI-first identity and integration platform-as-a-service platform (IDaaS and iPaaS) that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization, access control and integration. QuickLaunch leverages AI to autodetect threats and step up authentication. More than 500 institutions and companies such as Jenzabar, Unifyed, OculusIT, New Mexico State University, Colorado Community College System, BlackBeltHelp trust QuickLaunch to protect and manage over 2,000,000 identities and integration to over 3,000 applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Canvas, Blackboard, G Suite and Office 365.