QuickLaunch vs OneLogin

QuickLaunch and OneLogin are both proficient IAM and SSO providers, offering similar features. However, QuickLaunch stands out from OneLogin because of its greater flexibility, customization options, and emphasis on passwordless authentication, thanks to its robust focus on IGA and IDaaS solutions.

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What Makes QuickLaunch Different?

QuickLaunch's unwavering commitment to innovation keeps its Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution at the forefront of technology, ensuring clients have access to cutting-edge tools and features.

Features QuickLaunchTM OneLoginTM
Pricing (For 1,000 users) $800/month $4,000/month
Major Security Breach No Yes
User Provisioning Yes Very Limited
Cloud and On-Premises Deployment Options Yes Limited On-Prem
Integrations Easy Complex
Ease of Use​  Yes​ (Self-serviceable)​ No
Hidden Cost​ No Yes​
Lack of Integrations for HE & HR Systems (ie. Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar, etc.) Easy​ Complex
Support and Setup Affordable​ Expensive 

The following information is provided for the purpose of highlighting distinctions between our offerings and those of our competitors. It is not intended to be a formal endorsement or critique of any specific competitor.