QuickLaunch vs Microsoft

QuickLaunch provides a distinct and concentrated selection of products. Unlike Microsoft Azure AD, which is a component of the expansive Azure cloud platform and delivers a broader array of functionalities encompassing identity management and access control for both on-premises and cloud resources, QuickLaunch offers exclusive features like Adaptive MFA and User Provisioning, which are not included in Azure AD's offerings.

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What Makes QuickLaunch Different?

QuickLaunch's unwavering commitment to innovation keeps its Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution at the forefront of technology, ensuring clients have access to cutting-edge tools and features.

Microsoft Azure provides customers with an array of SSO tools such as the Active Directory Federation Services, Azure AD Connect, Password Sync, and Microsoft Identity Management. However, deploying and setting these tools individually, requires longer times and reallocating resources. Instead, our customers turn to QuickLaunch to deploy their SSO strategies from Active Directory in less time while remaining cost efficient.

Office 365 offers a complete cloud application suite capable of handling most of your organization needs. The challenge? Managing Office 365 is rather complex and time consuming. In fact, deploying Office 365 with the highest security standards and third-party mobile device management may take up to 18 to 24 months according to Microsoft timeframes.​​ With QuickLaunch platform, implementation with Office 365 can be done five times faster. All of this while reducing operational costs through automation for a cost-effective solution and easy-to-use experience.​

While Microsoft offers a cloud-based solution for MFA, you would need to deploy their on-premises MFA server along with ADFS to get the same level of features that QuickLaunch provides out-of-box. QuickLaunch’s adaptive MFA provides strong authentication across all applications, and supports more third-party MFA factors like, YubiKey, Google Authenticator and more. QuickLaunch requires no on-premises MFA servers, and is easy to use for both administrators and end users.​

Features QuickLaunchTM MicrosoftTM
Pricing (For 1,000 users) $800/month $6,000/month
Major Security Breach No Yes
Automated Birthright Provisioning​ Yes Manual
API Protection Capabilities Yes Basic
Contextual & Situational MFA  Yes​ (Included) Yes​ (Additional Cost)
Ease of Use Yes​ (Self-serviceable) No​
Troubleshooting Easy​ Complex
Hidden Cost​ No​ Yes
Lack of Integrations for HE & HR Systems (ie. Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar, etc.) Easy​ Complex
Support and Setup Affordable​ Expensive

The following information is provided for the purpose of highlighting distinctions between our offerings and those of our competitors. It is not intended to be a formal endorsement or critique of any specific competitor.