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Simplify Chatbot - Neo

The New Higher Education Help Desk Is A Bot

Introducing Neo: The IT and OneStop Chatbot and Voice Bot

Our AI-enabled Bot provides immediate 24/7 support to end-users, anywhere and anytime. With AI technology, Neo enables customers to solve support issues instantly, saving time and effort. Furthermore, Neo reduces support costs by reducing help desk interactions, allowing teams to concentrate on critical tasks. Furthermore, Neo can handle multiple users at once and seamlessly transfer to a live agent if needed. Experience the benefits of an intelligent support system with Neo.

Advance your campus with Chatbot

  • Create a link that takes students straight to your bot
  • Bot can communicate with students via Facebook Messenger
  • Send SMS with crucial information, like deadline reminders
  • Configure Kisoks' integrated bot to work with voice-activated virtual assistants like Google Mini and Alexa from Amazon
  • Your Bot has "live" chat conversations from your campus website's homepage

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The Ultimate Tool to Enhance Your Students' College Journey!

  • Utilizes Existing Knowledge Bases/FAQs
  • Works on All Devices/Responsive Design for Any Device
  • Support via multiple channels (SMS text, virtual assistant, live chat, phone)
  • If necessary, transfers to live support
  • Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Learning
  • Executive Dashboards and Performance Analytics
  • Handles multiple end users concurrently
  • Can respond to up to 80% of all inquiries
  • One location to go for all student inquiries

Advantages of Deploying Chatbot at Your Campus

  • 24/7 Access
  • Service hours for online & non-traditional students
  • Student Engagement
  • Faster responses = Higher conversion rates
  • Error reduction & Compliance improvement
  • Better customer experience
  • Automates repetitive questions

Departments Supported by Chatbot

Information Technology

Sample Inquires Handled

  • I forgot my password
  • I need to connect my playstation to the network
  • I can’t see my course
  • I need a new phone setup

Financial Aid

Sample Inquires Handled

  • Did you receive my financial aid application?
  • What documents am I missing?
  • How much is my financial aid?

Admissions / Enrollment Management

Sample Inquires Handled

  • Is my application complete for the Nursing program?
  • Have I been admitted to the Nursing program?
  • How much is the program?

Registrations & Records

Sample Inquires Handled

  • When is my priority registration date?
  • Why does my record have a hold on it?
  • What is current course load and grade level?
  • Who is my academic advisor?