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We’re on a mission to help the higher-ed community claim freedom from passwords.

To assist colleges and universities looking to better serve and protect their users and users’ data, we are committed to take 50 institutions passwordless through our “Freedom to be Passwordless” program.


The Problem With Passwords

Passwords are the keys to unlock your online profiles and applications you use on a daily basis and, innately, a weak form of user authentication. Stolen, lost or forgotten passwords represent a huge security risk and a substantial productivity drain to organizations.

Freedom to be Passwordless

  • What is Passwordless Authentication?

    Passwordless Authentication enables a user to provide multiple, mutually independent proofs of identity, without requiring a password to login to the desktop. Ease of use and increased security for both the end user and the organization are greatly improved. Password vulnerabilities are mitigated, and the end user experience is streamlined and enhanced.


What is included in Passwordless?
Eliminate passwords while improving security and providing best-in-class user experiences.

1. Supported factors shall include Email, SMS, Mobile Push & FaceID
2. PasswordLess will be enabled for members using QuickLaunch IdP only
-- will not work for members using QuickLaunch as Service Provider only
3. First Time users can onboard themselves using Email and SMS as factors
4. Users shall not be required to use password as a factor
What is included in Adaptive MFA?
QuickLaunch will implement Password Manager along with Multi-Factor Authentication and will configure Security Questions & Answers, Email and SMS as mail as Multi-Factor options. Adaptive MFA license will also enable Secure User Logins from anywhere. Flexibility to securely log in from anywhere with Adaptive Authentication on-the-go – ensures the right user is accessing the account.

1. Clients to provide an Active Directory service account which shall be able to write back the passwords. Adaptive MFA license provides you with the login multi-factor functionality for the licenses specified. Adaptive multi-factor authentication protects access to the QuickLaunch environment with a multi-factor authentication wherein users are requested to use security questions, email or phone recovery options.
What is included in SSO?
QuickLaunch will act as the IdP and will support CAS, SAML2.0, OAuth, WSFed protocols for all single sign on applications. Integration of 3 applications will be implemented by QuickLaunch.

  1. SSO to Student Information System
  2. SSO to Learning Management System
  3. SSO to Email System

The QuickLaunch platform allows you to add SSOs on your own! Our self-service platform gives you the freedom to add, modify, brand, test and take live SSOs codelessly without any downtime or developers required.
What is included in Support?
QuickLaunch Bronze support includes:
1. Online support (Email or ticketing Support)
2. Bronze support is limited to 20 incidents
3. Includes Monday-Friday Priority 1 Support during business hours
When can the 6-month free Passwordless trial be implemented?
Single Sign On and Adaptive MFA would need to be implemented and live for a semester prior to kicking off your Passwordless trial.