Morris College selects QuickLaunch to Lead the Digital Transformation and Solve their Identity Challenges

Chicago, IL – Apr 27th, 2020: Morris College, a private historically black institution located in Sumter, South Carolina partners with QuickLaunch to lead the digital transformation and solve their major identity challenges.

QuickLaunch will help Morris College to transform the end user experience by providing one-click secure access to multiple applications and streamline the user onboarding process.

Solutions to be Implemented at Morris College

The users (students, staff and faculty) at Morris College previously had to access multiple applications using many different sets of credentials. As these credentials were difficult to remember and were forgotten or lost frequently, it translated to a number of password reset requests to the IT help desk. This hampered the productivity of both the IT department and the end users who have to wait for hours to reset their passwords through the help desk. Sharing default passwords with new students/staff could pose a security threat, as most users never change the initial passwords, which could easily be exploited by the hackers.

QuickLaunch will cater to all these problems by providing its proprietary Single Sign-On, Smart Password Manager with MFA and User Self-Registration to the institution.

Single Sign-On will help the users to login to multiple applications using a single set of credentials and switch between different applications easily. Remembering multiple credentials, for different applications, will not be a challenge for faculty, staff and students at Morris College anymore. Smart Password Manager with MFA will allow users to reset their own passwords without the intervention of the IT help desk. This will not only improve the productivity of the IT department and the end users but will also reduce operational costs to a large extent.

User Self-Registration will automate onboarding processes for first time users as they will be able to create their own passwords directly from the portal. This will eliminate the process of providing default passwords to new users joining the institution.

As a whole, QuickLaunch will help the institution to transform the end user experience by providing unified access to the users, enhance the draining productivity of users, reduce password reset costs, streamline the user onboarding process and bolster institutional security.

About Morris College

Morris College (MC) is a private, Baptist historically black college in Sumter, South Carolina. It was founded in 1908 by James J. Durham, initially as a grade school, high school, and college. The college is named after the Reverend Frank Morris because of his outstanding leadership throughout the African American community of South Carolina. The institution awarded its first bachelor's degree in 1915 under the administration of the college's second president Dr. John Jacob Starks. It is operated by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina.

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About QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is the only AI-first identity and integration platform-as-a-service (IDaaS and iPaaS) that transforms how cloud-savvy institutions and companies manage human and device authentication, authorization, access control and integration. QuickLaunch leverages AI to autodetect threats and step up authentication. More than 500 institutions such as New Mexico State University and Colorado Community College System along with companies such as Jenzabar, Unifyed, OculusIT, and BlackBeltHelp trust QuickLaunch to protect and manage over 2,000,000 identities and integration to over 3,000 applications such as Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Canvas, Blackboard, G Suite and Office 365.