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Identity Security Operations Center provides 24X7 monitoring & incident management

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In today's hyper-connected digital landscape, organizations face an ever-increasing volume and sophistication of cybersecurity threats. The need to protect sensitive data, ensure business continuity, and safeguard customer trust has never been more crucial. To address these challenges, our organization recognizes the necessity of establishing and operating a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC).

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Top Reasons for Campuses to Consider Identity SOC?

With IT networks as prime cyberattack targets and a single unpatched system capable of triggering ransomware, cybersecurity now takes center stage for higher education IT and security teams.


Real-time Threat Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of network, system, and application activities to swiftly identify and assess potential security threats and vulnerabilities.


Incident Detection and Response

Develop robust incident detection capabilities that enable quick identification, analysis, and response to security incidents.


Vulnerability Management

Implement a robust vulnerability management program to identify, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities in a timely manner.


Reputation Management

Identity SOC is crucial for campuses to ensure safety, protect personal data, prevent identity theft, maintain operational continuity, and safeguard their reputation.


Compliance Assurance

Keep your institution's sensitive data safe and comply with industry regulations effortlessly. Our SOCaaS comes with certified regulatory compliance to uphold your security standards.


Budget-Friendly Security

Eliminate the overhead of maintaining an in-house cybersecurity team. SOCaaS delivers effective protection without a hefty cost.


Protection of Sensitive Data

Securing personal and sensitive campus data, the Identity SOC detects and counters breaches and unauthorized access.

QuickLaunch Identity
SOC Functions

Enhance your cybersecurity with Identity SOC services. We proactively monitor 24x7, stopping threats before they harm your systems. Compliant and cost-effective, we secure your data, so you can focus on core goals. No more in-house team hassle – access expert security without the overhead. Elevate your protection today!

Building Valuable Clients with a Powerful Product

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  • "We're excited to partner with QuickLaunch to address our customers' vital technology and cybersecurity requirements. Our collaboration will deliver full-fledged solutions and assistance, catering to innovative needs. QuickLaunch's expertise will play a pivotal role in delivering Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to healthcare, education, corporate, and SMB sectors"

    Dana Johnson

    National Account Manager


    "We believe our partnership with QuickLaunch will benefit us as much as it does our clients,” Perkins said. “It will allow both companies to support clients across an increased number of markets and enable us to provide them with an additional layer of security. And when you realize that 95% of enterprises experience identity-related breaches, that is something we think our clients can’t do without."

    David Perkins​

    Executive Vice President of Sales​

    Howard Technology Solutions​

Why Choose Identity SOC for Your Campus?

Aggregation Correlation: We analyze security event data across your network to quickly identify patterns and threats.

Threat Intelligence: Our AI-powered predictive modeling keeps your systems a step ahead of cyber attackers.

Advanced Security Support: Count on our certified experts for rapid and effective remediation.

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Identity SOC

  • SIEM 
  • 24x7 Staffed Monitoring 
  • Real-Time Vulnerability Check
  • Forensics and Tracing 
  • Systems Hardening 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Regulatory Compliance





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