Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate passwords for your users, all while maintaining complete control over every access point.

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The Problem With Passwords

Passwords are the keys to unlock your online profiles and applications you use on a daily basis and, innately, a weak form of user authentication. Stolen, lost or forgotten passwords represent a huge security risk and a substantial productivity drain to organizations.

Why Authentication without Passwords?

Passwords are becoming an artifact of the past. Passwords can be hacked and 81% of hacking-related breaches happen due to lost or stolen passwords. Passwords are predictable and are not enough to keep up with current cybersecurity threats.

The modern-day Passwordless Authentication combats account takeover attacks, brute force attacks, phishing attacks and other cyberthreats. Passwordless is the future ecosystem of authentication that meets the enterprise needs of high security, privacy and interoperability among various authentication devices.

Passwordless Authentication Factors



Replace static passwords, reduce risk and secure organizational assets with biometric authentication factors such as FaceID or TouchID.


Authenticator Apps

Authenticate users with a mobile device. Get a push notification on QuickLaunch Authenticator app or Google Authenticator app and verify identity with a PIN or biometric.


Time-based OTP

Send time-based one-time tokens (passwords) through SMS or email, enabling users to verify their identity using soft tokens that expire in a few minutes.


Hard Token Authentication

Protect your digital world and stop account takeover attacks by authenticating end users using a physical device such as YubiKey by Yubico.

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