Automated Provisioning Checklist

Implementing Automated Provisioning in Ten Steps



How to Implement Automated Provisioning

Most of the IT organizations operate in an environment where they are being asked to do more with less, with no increase in staff or budget. Setting up a successful automated provisioning process isn’t as simple as just stringing a few tasks together with ‘mailto’ links and hitting “go live”.

This heavy resource requirement has limited automation to basic scripting for organizations that do not have access to extensive pools of IT resources, expensive development resources, or professional services budgets. The only way to succeed, given today’s expectations, is to automate user provisioning.

The ultimate goal of this self-service automation is to get provisioning timeframes down to minutes, or preferably seconds. IT teams can achieve this goal by setting up this automation using a mature user provisioning solution.

Download the guide to implement automated provisioning in your institution.